Thursday, August 16, 2012

Four Months

 This little guy is 4 months old today!
His newest trick is grabbing his toes. I love when babies find their feet.
 Here's what else Carson's up to:

  • Still eats every two hours.
  • He takes 3-4 one-hour naps throughout the day and has been sleeping horribly at night. Up at least twice -- usually wants to be up for the day between 4-5. Boo.
  • Wakes up happy and babbling in his crib.
  • Still sleeps swaddled.
  • He's sensitive. Loud noises bother him. If I raise my voice at Eli at all, Carson starts crying.
  • He has started to giggle and think things are funny (Particularly Eli).
  • He whines when I leave the room.
  • He's still super happy all the time. He's been sick the last couple of days, but you can barely tell because he's such a smiley boy.
  • He rolled back-to-belly this month without being swaddled.
  • He finally likes his binky.
  • Loves being outside.
  • He can take his binky out of his mouth and hold onto it for a few minutes.
  • Enjoys being on his tummy.

 Eli invaded our photo shoot again. (PS - Eli does wear pants sometimes. But apparently never on the days I take pictures.)
 I'm pretty sure they already love each other.
 Eli's favorite thing lately is to give Carson raspberries. Carson was screaming hysterically before this picture and as soon as Eli gave him a raspberry he was giggling like crazy. Love them.
Happy four months, Carson!


Anonymous said...

They are so cute.. I'm glad I finally got to meet Carson :) I realized after I left I forgot to ask you all the details about the labor..even if that was 4 months ago!!

Rebecca said...

So cute. How would you know that Carson cries when you raise your voice to Eli? You've surely never had to yell at that sweet boy, right?

Leslie Christensen said...

they are so cute together. they look like brothers. which they are. so it makes sense.
good comment leslie