Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freeloading It

G&K Services has managed to suck every member of my family onto its payroll at one point or another. They even managed to get a few hours of work out of my mom over the past month. I have this strange sense of satisfaction that I'm the only Thomas Family member who has not sorted hangers, sewed labels or done whatever else they do over there.

I did however take advantage of G&K Services' Lagoon Day on Saturday. I hope participating in the G&K activity didn't ruin my reputation of being the only Thomas family member who's managed to escape the luring ways of the company.

Even if I did lose my reputation, it was definitely worth it for a free day at Lagoon!

Eli was a big crab cake the whole way there. He kept telling Jeff he was driving the wrong way. Then he scowled at me for taking pictures of him.
Carson loved watching the rides. Good thing, too. Because that's all he could do!
Here's Eli getting on his first amusement park ride of all time. I was so so so so so scared he'd figure out a way to jump off mid ride. I think Jeff had the same fears.
He insisted on using both steering wheels and the concentrated look on his face throughout the ride had us convinced he really thought he was driving that spaceship.
He loved it and didn't jump off. Whew.
It was so fun to watch Eli have fun. And yeah, I wore a baby carrier for a small portion of the day. I heard baby wearing is trendy these days so I didn't feel too weird about it. ActuallyIdidandputCarsonbackinthestrollershortlyafterthispicturewastaken.
Eli recounting to his copilot how awesome the ride was.
Eli looked hilariously unamused all day. I think it was slightly overwhelming for him which resulted in a dazed face most of the time. But I'm fairly certain he had a good time.
Jeff took Eli on the deceivingly fast dragon ride. Eli had his arms up the whole time.
Cutesies. Eli had a love hate relationship with that hand stamp.
See. Emotionless face. All the other kids were smiling on the rides and then there was Eli.
Almost a smile. Whales are not as awesome as rocket ships apparently.
Carson slept for most of the day. Maybe that's why he was up most of the night. He. Hates. Sleeping.
Eli found a splash pad which brought out the biggest smiles we'd seen all day.
We met up with our sponsors so I could ditch the kids and go on a few rides. Jeff was feeling sick so he stayed back with Eli.
This ride was probably his dream come true -- being behind the steering wheel of a car that's actually moving. He loved it if you can't tell by his typical unamused expression.
We had a nice, lazy Sunday today to recover from our Lagoon day.
Carson is getting so big! He can already sit up for several seconds on his own and I think he's getting a tooth on the bottom. My sister and I always joke about how every mom says her child is teething all the time. So to make myself not sound like one of those moms, I am not saying this because he's been fussy or drooly or had the basic symptoms of being a baby. I'm saying this because I'm 99% sure I can see the tooth coming up! It was a big surprise since Eli didn't get teeth until he was 11 months old so we'll see if it really is a tooth or if his mouth is playing tricks on me.
Until we know for sure, I'll go ahead and blame the fact that he never sleeps on his tooth bothering him. Surely after he cuts all his teeth he'll finally be a good sleeper.
Yay for fun G&K sponsored weekends! I'm one step closer to becoming their next victim.

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