Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Potty Prize

Look who earned his trip to D.I!
Yeah. I'm talking about you mister. And that awesome bike that cost a whopping $2. I'm never paying full price for toys ever again.
 He was making hilarious faces at me while showing off his potty prize.
 This one was my favorite.
I bought myself a potty prize for enduring potty training -- a footer for my sewing machine. I had to laugh when I saw this on the packaging:
Never have I known complete instructions to be a bonus. But I'm sure glad they included it!


Rebecca said...

Is that the ruffle footer? If so, how do you like it?

Congratulations to Eli for earning the potty prize! What a big boy!

Laura said...

You guys are having such a fun and busy summer. Too bad it's almost over. Eli and Carson are so cute. Hopefully we get to see you guys soon.

Leslie Christensen said...

Yay Eli. That's a fantastic di find.

David and Mary said...

Way to go Eli! (and Mom and Dad) It takes a family to potty train! His faces are so funny... he is a model in the making.

I like the picture that comes with the bonus instructions!

Kenzman said...

I love eli. Can I be his godmother or something?? Everything he does makes me laugh. Doesn't that count for anything?! TAlk about it with JEff and get back to me. And what are you doing next tuesday??

Kim said...

Eli has the best facial expressions ever! Good for him. May the potty experience continue to be positive for everybody involved.