Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Did He Just Say...?

This morning we were singing The Snowman Song (from nursery). Eli was doing the motions along with me and at the end of the song started flapping his arms violently.

I stared at him confused, wondering what kind of hand motions they've been teaching him in nursery.

Then Eli ran into the kitchen, arms still flailing, followed by several frustrated screams.

Me: "Eli! What's wrong?"
Me: "Tell me what's wrong."
Eli: "CAN'T DO IT!"
Me: "Can't do what?!?"
Eli: defeated "Fly."

You gotta give him credit for trying.


Rebecca said...

Brooke is constantly inventing new ways of trying to get herself to fly. And each time she fails she falls into the depths of despair. This may only be the beginning of Eli's aviation frustrations.

Leslie Christensen said...

Ha ha oh man. I'm happy you documented this. Now someday you can tell him when the exact moment was that he realized he couldn't fly.
That's so cute.

Kenzman said...

Awwwww I love this. So funny. And Leslie is right. You are such a good mom. It's moments like these that you really do want to document. You should start reading to him form Utchdorf's stuff. That can probably help him get his flying fix. ;)

Kim said...

I'm picturing his frustrated face...