Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cookie Therapy

On days the boys wake up at 5:00 in the morning and then refuse to take naps, I indulge on cookies to keep me sane.

Let's just say we're getting pretty good at making cookies.

Even with the super early mornings, nobody can be crabby when cookies are in the oven.

While 5:00 mornings allow for extra time during the day to make cookies, it also allows for extra time for little children to be naughty. Eli was being a major trouble maker yesterday. A sassy boy mixed with a tired mom brought out several temper tantrums from both of us. Here's a taste of our day:

Eli still has his binky addiction. So much so that each day he finds something new to show me and proudly exclaim, "Just like a binky!" Yesterday he sucked on Mr. Potato Head's eyes all day.
He loves to get in Carson's bed when I get Carson up from his naps. Yesterday he ripped all the pictures off the wall above the crib and even managed to pop a letter off "Dinoland." He doesn't like me to talk on the phone anymore. So the moment I get on the phone he starts doing stunts like this.
We only have one car right now so our only form of transportation is our trusty double stroller...and yesterday I found it had a flat tire after I had the boys loaded, diaper changed, bladder emptied, snacks and binkies to last us through a nice afternoon walk. Tears were shed.

You can understand we're getting a little stir crazy over here. Hence the mischief.

I'm enjoying the small amount of time I have with innocent Carson before he starts following in his brother's sassy footsteps.
To prevent Eli from causing mischief, I have to provide nonstop activities for him. Yesterday we colored with markers for the first time. He sat and colored for about an hour. And made up for his lack of sleeping by being a super adorable little artist.
(Eli is such a boy. He went straight for the black marker. Followed by brown. Then dark green and blue. Cracked me up.)

Finally, here's a picture of Carson in his rarest form -- sleeping! He fell asleep on his tummy for the first time yesterday. Man do I love a sleeping baby.


jlthomas said...

Oh Sarah, you're such a good mom! If I had to get up at 5, there would be no cookies, no fun activities, just a grumpy mom.

Kim said...

The Mr. Potato Head eyes binky is so hilarious.

If I hadn't been around Eli lately, I would think you are completely exaggerating his obsession with the binky. But, I have seen that little boy and I have seen the way he sneekily grabs the binky every chance he gets and I have seen the way he eyes that thing and so longingly wants to put it in his own mouth.

I don't get it!! I guess there could be worse obsessions...?

Leslie Christensen said...

Ha ha. I thought he was off the binky? That is too funny. He and Izzy are going to go to kindergarten with binkies. Or Mr. Potato eyes. either or.

I love that he colored for so long! That's so funny about the colors. All boy.

Glad to see you blogged today!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I need to come visit!!