Sunday, September 16, 2012

Five Months Baby!

Little Carson Boy is five months old today and cute as ever!
This is what he's up to:
  • Already growing his bottom two teeth!
  • Said "mama" a couple times over the weekend, although obviously unaware of its meaning.
  • Eats 4 oz every 2 hours. Still. 
  • So happy and content 99% of the time.
  • He got sick after two days of "sleep training," so I started feeding him again at night. He gets up 2-3 times a night. Who needs sleep?
  • Fits in a few 12 month shirts. He's a giant.
  • Can put his binky in his mouth. Usually after several failed attempts, but he can do it eventually.
  • Is interested in toys.
  • Rolls onto his belly every chance he gets.
  • Can scooch around in a circle.
  • Cries every time I put him down or go out of view.
  • Does this weird chomping thing with his mouth all the time. I think it's him feeling his new teeth. It's simultaneously hilarious and adorable.
  • Also does this weird low growl/gurgle/cooing noise that cracks me up.
  • Started smiling and responding to being read to this month which has been fun.
  • I wanted to document his nicknames. One day Eli kept calling Carson "Baby Baby" and I could not figure out where he got that. Then I realized I called Carson Baby Baby all the time without really realizing I was doing it. So Carson's main nickname around here is Baby Baby. His predictable nickname is Cars. And finally, I'm ashamed to post this, but I want to have it down for memory's sake, every once in a while we may call Carson Carcinogen. I'll add here that Eli is occasionally referred to as E-Coli, I've been called SARS disease and Jeff sometimes gets called Heifer...And I thought Griffindork was bad.

Everyone always comments on those blue eyes! Love them.
 His chompers.
 On the verge of being a sitter.
 He's such a cheese ball. I love him!


Leslie Christensen said...

he is so cute.
i love that age. i love when they start sitting. the blob phase. when they can sit, but they can't run away. haha.
he is a doll and i love your diseasey nicknames.

Rebecca said...

That baby just gets cuter and cuter. Love the nicknames. And I love that you failed to mention Carson's other nickname Tortellini which sounds like a food nickname...but is actually another disease nickname.