Friday, September 07, 2012

Giddy for Garbage and Grasshoppers

Today was trash day and you know what that you probably don't know what that means. Allow me to tell you what trash day is like around here. Trash day is the day Eli and I spend on the front porch gasping at the sound of every diesel noise within earshot.
And when one of those roaring vehicles is finally the big garbage truck, Eli runs out to the edge of the driveway to get a front row view of the show.
There's a lot of giggly jumping that goes on as the truck makes its way to our house.
We're practically on a first-name basis with our garbage man. I like to think it brightens his day a little bit to see that my son basically thinks he's a super hero.
As we were waiting for the garbage man, I ran in to get my camera after Eli started terrorizing a grasshopper. I'm glad I did because this may just be my favorite video of all time.


Rebecca said...

I lost my comment. Grrr. Here we go again.

It's garbage day around these parts, too, and just this morning as I saw Spencer hyperventilating and bouncing with excitement at seeing the garbage truck I started drafting a similar post in my head. We're on the same wavelength today!

Luckily my post didn't involve flicking a grasshopper off my son. I love how it's all fun and games until the grasshopper takes HIS turn "bugging" Eli.

Leslie Christensen said...

this is the BEST. so so so SO hilarious.

Kim said...

You got some great action shots of Eli off the ground.

That has to be one brave grasshopper to have something as big as Eli yelling so loudly and getting so close while just sitting there. It was sweet revenge indeed for the grasshopper in the end. FUNNY!!!

Eric and Justine said...

Haha that is the best video ever. Afv material

Kim said...

Okay, I have to make another comment because I've watched the video over and over again just like you have. Two observations:

1. I wish there were a few more seconds of Eli as he's finished screaming at the grasshopper and he stands up and gets all wound up to run off somewhere. His wind up reminds me of the old cartoons I used to watch as a child.

2. I love the shadow image of Eli's head with the shadow image of the grasshopper perched on Eli's shoulder before we ever see Eli and the grasshopper.

Thanks for some great entertainment that keeps on giving each time I watch it!!

jlthomas said...

Do you realize your son did not have any pants on during the first part of this video?

I love his yelling at the grasshopper. He'd make a good drill sergeant.


Natalie&Brad said...

My eyes are watering :D

Susan said...

Sarah, Honestly, I cannot stop laughing. How do you contain yourself. Eli is a show unto himself. You HAVE to send that into AFV!!! It will get you 10,000 AND a trip to Disneyland. I can't stop reading this blog and watching the video.
If you seriously don't write a self help book on raising boys, it will be such a waste. I have got to get Tricia watching this. She has yet to see what is coming.
Hahahaha. I am still cracking up. Thanks for sharing!