Sunday, November 11, 2012

Block the Stairs!

As of today we have a crawler on our hands!
Looks like the baby gate is going back up.
Carson's been shuffling around (mostly backwards) for the past month and finally figured out how to move forward. He's always loved being on his belly. I'm actually surprised he didn't master crawling earlier.
Here is the crawling in action. Now that you've given up on me having any kind of video that isn't terrible quality, I think we fixed my problem! So this video isn't super blurry like my other ones. Also, the song choice is a little strange but it's one of my favorite songs right now and it is applicable if you view it as me singing the song to Carson. Now you have a mental picture of me singing karaoke to my son, don't you? Don't make this weirder than it has to be. Enjoy!

In other news, we had our first snow day. And what a snow day it was! Eli insisted on going outside the moment he woke up.

When he made his way back inside, we made popcorn. Nothing says "Snow Day!" like a freshly popped bowl of popcorn. Am I right?
Don't be mistaken. They were not holding hands like cute, friendly brothers. No, no. Eli was keeping Carson's hand a safe distance from his precious popcorn.
Carson didn't mind. Eli drank his popcorn out of the top of a bottle. What a kid.
Waiting to go to church and looking super handsome! I love brother pictures so much.
Brother pictures quickly turned into, "Hey CARSON! Don't get my ______!!!" Eli's having a hard time keeping all his toys to himself now that Carson can make his way over to them.
This boy has six teeth. And we think he's growing two more. Where did he come from?!?
On Saturday night we taught Eli how to play hide-and-seek for the first time. He was a fast learner.
You know how every house has that one super awesome hiding spot? In our house, the money spot is hidden in the window behind the curtains. If it weren't for the giggles, we'd never know he was there.
Jeff was a gem and cooked up some ribs for dinner tonight. Can't beat a husband in the kitchen!
Since I wasn't busy cooking dinner, I whipped up some dessert. Hello tasty pumpkin pull-apart bread. You are as delicious as you look.
Happy Sunday!


Rebecca said...

Carson is the funniest crawler I've ever seen! I love how he lifts his bum as high as he can in the air before taking off. Silly baby.

I love the shot of Eli in the window. So cute.

I'm impressed that Jeff cooked ribs though I am sad he wasn't wearing an apron.

Eric and Justine said...

I love the video. I like how he gets a pushings start. Tayvia is currently army crawling. Can't believe that these kids are mobile.
Also, the shot of eli in the window is too good.

Kim said...

I'm so glad you captured Carson in crawling action. He figured out to get where he wants to go. Cute baby! Are you ready for Carson to be on the move? I think you have your hands full with Eli on the constant go. Good luck keeping track of both of them!

Jeff's ribs are impressive, though I would tend to lean more toward the sweet treat you made.

jlthomas said...

Wait, wasn't Carson just born?