Thursday, November 01, 2012

Spooky Overload

Here are some garbled pictures from the last week. This is from our neighborhood trunk-or-treat. I wised up and worked Carson's hot dog outfit around a baby carrier so I didn't have to lug him around on a cardboard box.

Halloween night! Eli quote, "I can't see what's going on around here!"
Carson's first Halloween!
It took some convincing to get Eli to leave our candy to go get other candy. I could see him thinking, "Why do I need to go knock on doors for candy when I have a stash right here?!?"
Waiting for trick-or-treaters.

I refused to buy those $1.00 trick-or-treating pumpkins from Wal-Mart. I don't know why I was so against them. Maybe it's because Wal-Mart bags are free? We will upgrade next year.
Eli's first time trick-or-treating. It's even more fun as an adult watching your kid work the neighborhood for goodies.
Rewind. This is from our Cedar trip last weekend. Eli loves anything with wheels. Especially if he can ride it! He spent the majority of our first day there on this toy:
The weather was pretty nice, but I still felt the need to protect my baby from the slight chill in the air.
Boys, boys, boys! Little men are everywhere whenever we get together with the Excells. Many trees are climbed, and many clothes become dirt-stained.
Excell Spooktacular! We had lots of great food. Here's the pukin' pumpkin.
Bryan made spooky spiders.
It's always fun to see everyone in their costumes. Celeste was the girl from the movie Brave and Bryan was one of her suitors.
David and Mary were hippies.
Ben, Tana and Family were ninjas.
Laura was Mary Poppins, Ben was Bert, Caleb a fireman, Coleman a frog, Kaelynn a witch and Tyler a ninja.
Carson experienced the fish pond for the first time.
Eli got an awesome Mickey Mouse night light!
The adults played Bingo while the kiddos watched a movie.
I won the final round and won my most favorite candy.
The next morning it was time to leave. The cousins had one last bonding experience throwing snakes on the ceiling. Luckily Mary's used to having lots of boys around and was in on the fun.
We hurried home to my Grandma and Grandpa's Halloween party. Here's the chubby hot dog with my cousin.
Here's my sister's family ready to party.
Whew. That concludes the Halloween festivities. We dressed up four times. Four. Times. I'm glad Eli's tight pants made it through all the times we squeezed him in and out of them. Happy Halloween! Thanks everyone for the fun parties!


Rebecca said...

Ha ha. Yeah, my kids really look like they're ready to party in that last picture.

We have inherited one of those blue worms. You left it at Grandma's. Let's hope I can get it back to you before my kids realize they can stick to the ceiling!

Cute costumes as usual. The Excell Spooktcular looked spectacular.

Kim said...

The Excells come up with some great costumes every year. Looks like lots of fun--all except throwing worms on the ceiling. I hope Eli forgets that little trick.

Your chubby hot dog baby looked adorable in the baby carrier.

Where's a picture of your brother in costume?

Love the pictures of the little boys sitting on the porch waiting for trick-or-treaters.