Thursday, November 29, 2012

Turkeys and Guns

It was an Excell Thanksgiving this year. Thanksgiving morning we huddled around the white board as we discussed our cooking game plan.
The boys were on fryer duty. Seeing as Jeff's hand churned butter was already good to go (I'm not kidding. He churned his own butter in the name of Thanksgiving), he had extra time to watch that bird fry.

Dirk's duty was to nibble at the turkey-shaped appetizer.
Lots of boys means lots of video games.
Mary and Kaelynn festivized the table.
Kaelynn was super awesome at keeping us on task.
Carson got his Thanksgiving meal just before we got started. Sweet potatoes for the occasion!
Turkey - Check!
Bryan did the honors.
With the turkey carved, we gathered round. I provided the rolls this year.
Yum. Yum. Those boys sure know how to sizzle up a turkey.
After dinner was Thanksgiving craft time for the kids.
Shortly after that was PIE! I ate so much pie. It's the best part of Thanksgiving after all.
With full bellies, Jeff, Laura and Mary made a last-minute decision to hit up Wal-Mart's 8:00 Black Friday shopping. Jeff got everything on our list and came home proclaiming his love of Black Friday.
Next day was the traditional Turkey Shoot.

The kids kept busy with BB guns. *No children were harmed in the Turkey Shoot.*

Then it was back home for a yummy dinner made by Jeff and Laura. We got a kick out of the lined up hungry babies.
Another perfect Excell Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the yummy food and Thanksgiving festivities!

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David and Mary said...

Thanks for posting about our Thanksgiving! I love your pictures. I am so happy you had such a good time. Now... on to Christmas!