Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Post About Me. Sarah.

You know what I don't like? Talking about me. I really try to avoid talking about myself for the most part. In fact, posting that picture of just me nearly killed me from embarrassment. I have come to learn about myself that I try to avoid attention at all times. But I'm bursting out of my comfort zone for one post to focus the attention on little old me, because some cool things are happening to me that I want in the records.

Let's start by saying I'm drowning in curtains. Which has been a HUGE blessing for us. We are actually going to have a fun Christmas this year without feeling guilty about buying more than necessities. The curtain biz was an answer to some of my most heart-felt prayers and I can't deny that its success is wholly from my Heavenly Father.

The curtains are keeping every moment of my free time behind the pedal of a sewing machine. Which I love, but it's busy.

Then my friend Kenz. We all know Kenz. She mentioned wanting to run a half marathon. To which I said, "Yes. We should do that." And before I knew it I was buying winter spandex running pants and signing up for my third half-marathon.

After my entry form was submitted and I finished my first run, I began to fear that training for a half marathon on top of the curtain ordeal on top of raising two handsome boys may be the death of me.

With the help of Jeff, I've been able to hit the road in the mornings and still get my orders out. But I can't say dinner has been on the table as consistently as I would hope. Sorry, honey!

I went for my long run yesterday (6 miles) and I wanted to die. I felt overwhelmed, tired and weak with every step. At no time did I want to give up on the half marathon, but I did question whether or not I would be able to finish it. I began doubting myself mid-run which only sucked out any lingering motivation I had to push forward.

I finished my run and crashed on the living room floor with the thought, "How am I ever going to take care of my motherly duties, keep my business afloat, run a half marathon AND be effective in my new calling as the Young Women's First Counselor?!?"

Yes. I have been released from Cub Scouts. Yes. A part of me was just beginning to be really fond of those wild little hooligans. Yes. Working with the Young Women is my dream calling, but I had this fear it was too big of a calling for me with all the other things I have going on.

I went to Young Women's for the first time today since I was a Young Woman. I loved the energy of the girls and leaders. I felt like it was where I was supposed to be. I was so excited for this new opportunity, and excited to get a weekly dose of estrogen.

After church, all the new leaders were set apart, and this is where something truly awesome happened. This is where my confidence was restored, and I knew I'd be able to do all the necessary things in my life. This is where I was blessed that I would "run and not be weary" which were truly inspired words for my situation.

I left the meeting with a newfound confidence that I can "run" my family, "run" my business, "run" my calling, and hopefully literally run my half marathon without becoming (too) weary. I am so grateful for this new opportunity to work with the Young Women, and I'm grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who challenges me to show me all the things I am capable of.

There you have it. The latest happenings of Sarah Excell. Now accepting words of encouragement.


Rebecca said...

Great post. Love it. You will be able to do everything because you are already doing everything! You are going to be such an inspiration to those young women. They are lucky to have you (during your "best years" no less).

Kenzman said...

You are such a great writer. I love you Ssrah. You will be so perfect in YW's!!! I bet those girls are already obsessed with you! I know I am.

And here is your motivation for running that half marathon. Knowing that I am behind you. You do not want to see me run Sarah. It is not a pretty sight. And it is much safer to be up waaaay ahead.

I loved your post today! I want more SARAH POSTS! Become more self obsessed like me!!

Eric and Justine said...

You are so pretty! I admire that you are a do it all women.

Kim said...

Beautifully written and such a beautiful picture of you. You have a knack of making me laugh and cry all in the same post.

Glen said...


You know you did it when your dad posts. I personally loved the run and not be weary analogy. Isn't it great to know that your Heavenly Father knows you personally and shows His tender mercies.

Love ya.

David and Mary said...

You will be great in YW Sarah..Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you are amazing!

Leslie Christensen said...

I'm excited to hear about your YW stories. You'll be perfect there.

jlthomas said...

I think you got put in YW so you can continue to follow your hooligans that move up to young mens in joint activities.