Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Tea and Recital 2012

We ventured down to Cedar City for the annual Christmas Tea and Recital. But before that could happen, we had to have an End of the World party. You know, the Mayans. And their calendar. We figured if it really was the end of the world, we had better eat like there was no tomorrow. Jeff dipped some fries in lard.
Carson bonded with Grandpa.
Bacon injected hamburgers, lard fried french fries, fried bacon, fried candy and grilled cheese sandwiches served as hamburger buns. We could feel our arteries closing with each bite.
I caught a picture of all the grandkids!
As we finished up our party, someone special made a visit.
Eli F-R-E-A-K-E-D out. He screamed in glee for roughly a half hour.

Carson took an odd liking to jolly old St. Nick. I think the fur coat helped.
My favorite picture of the year:
Santa brought the boys flashlights! They love them.
I didn't get a picture of Eli with Santa because I opted for a video instead. For how excited he was about Santa coming, he sure was hesitant to sit on his lap.
Second favorite picture of the year:
The next day the cousins had a little Christmas party. They played "Don't Eat Pete" and had a blast.
We started a new tradition this year to do a cousin book exchange. I looooooved it. We always need more books!
Carson was really thrilled to get Billy Goat's Gruff.
Next up: Christmas Tea and Recital.
David and Carson had a little more bonding.
Mary led a fun song.
Jeff cuddled with the newest Excell family member -- Barkley.
Our kids were grouchy and went to bed early, but the rest of the kids opened their hand crafted Christmas pajamas! So cute!!
The next day was time to go home, but David and Mary had a few gifts for us before we left. Eli scored some awesome trucks.
Carson got a fun new toy.
Jeff and I got new pants.
I made oven mitts for Mary and we gave them a family picture.
We had such a fun time! 


Rebecca said...

I love the end-of-the-world party and the Santa pictures. Sounds like another fun party with the Excells!

Kim said...

I can't believe how happy every single one of you were to sit on Santa's lap. Great pictures. Impressive program the Excell family put together for their Christmas party.

jlthomas said...

How do you get Santa to make in home visits? And so close to Christmas? You'd think he'd be really busy! Can we come to next Excell Christmas party?!?