Thursday, December 06, 2012

Let's Play Pretend

I love so much seeing Eli's little mind work and put things together. Lately he's been totally surprising me with his creativity. Perhaps we've been cooped up in the house too long, so he's been forced to turn all the everyday things he sees all day long into new, awesome things. Or perhaps he's working on that imagination of his. Either way, he cracks me up!

If he ever notices the bottom part of the dishwasher is empty, he rips it right out of the dishwasher to play "monster truck."
Not many people know that a clothespin ripped in half is actually an airplane. (He played with that thing nonstop for an entire day.)
This is a train if you couldn't tell.
I didn't get an explanation on this one, but laughed when I discovered it. (That's a Mr. Potato Head ear.)
Fishing with a tape measurer. 
Never before have I mentioned princes or princesses in front of him. Nor have I ever heard any of the TV shows he watches talk about royal families. So I was completely baffled when he found this party hat today and said, "My have to get my prince on." I died.

Then he proceeded to stand behind the baby gate and tell me he was a prince in a castle. Do little boys innately know about princes like little girls innately dream of princesses? Apparently!
He was being a little too quiet this morning, so I went in to check on him and found this was entertaining him. No explanation, but I am guessing the toilet paper is the road.
I love seeing the adorable, creative things little minds come up with! Makes me wish I still thought that way.


Rebecca said...

I love Eli's creativity! However it does make me wonder why we bother to buy Christmas presents when apparently baby food and half a clothespin would do the job...

jlthomas said...

I love how your reaction to your kid playing with an open electrical outlet is to laugh.

Kim said...

I love him wanting to get his prince on. Funny!