Saturday, December 08, 2012

Goosey Goose

My Mom has this super adorable goose that kind of doubles as a cookie jar. One year, she requested that all of us write down the funny moments throughout the year and store them in Goosey Goose. Her grand plan was to read a year's worth of hilariousness on the following New Year.

It was a cute tradition that sadly only lasted one year.

Despite the short-lived tradition of Goosey Goose, its legacy lives on. When Eli said a hilarious thing a couple minutes ago, I had the urge to whip out a sticky note and jot  the note down for Goosey Goose to keep safe until the New Year.

I was disappointed to come to the realization that I didn't receive a Goosey Goose as a wedding gift, so I'll just have to satisfy my recording urge through the blog. Here you go virtual Goosey Goose:

Eli was playing alone in the next room. Suddenly we heard him dramatically yell, "Mom! MOM! You don't give me time out. No Daddy! You don't be funny. My car's in trouble."


Kim said...

Ahhh, the sweet memory of Goosey Goose...

jlthomas said...

Goosey Goose was intended to be good memories throughout the year. Mom put in a lot of entries of good, uplifting, feel-good things that people did. Everyone else just put in funny things. I can see what was more memorable for you.