Friday, December 28, 2012

Family Pictures!

My sister and I were cursing my mom this fall as each year her "only request" is to get an updated family picture of each of her children for Christmas.

This is supposed to be a cheap, easy way to make my mom happy. What she doesn't consider is the 5 hours of required internet shopping to find perfectly coordinated outfits, the hundred of dollars our cute, new wardrobe cost us, the price of a photographer and the stresses of worrying about her beloved picture months and months before Christmas.

She'd better be reeeeeeally grateful for these. She's super lucky Eli was being a major ham the whole time we were taking pictures. He knows how to make his Grandma happy. Enjoy!

I liked so many of them I gave her three! We had an awesome photographer (my visiting teacher - wahoo!). You can check out their website by clicking here.


Rebecca said...

I love those pictures. The clothes are wonderfully coordinated, the setting is beautiful and you guys all look great! I especially love the little boys. They were both so cute in those shots!

jlthomas said...

You got a lot of really good pictures. When we do family photos I feel like we are lucky to end up with one good one and you got a whole post full of them. I think my favorite was Eli with his arm around Carson.

I guess I see now why you felt the need to give 2 to Grandma...couldn't pick just one I guess.

jlthomas said...

I love the one with Eli and Carson too, so sweet! All of the pictures turned out so cute!! and the clothes look great. I hate coordinating outfits, you are much better at it than me.

Kim said...

These pictures are all so adorable!! Thanks so much for making the effort to get them taken.

Although all you children speak ill of me when you are in the processing of getting your pictures taken, I KNOW that you are all always so happy when the deed is done and there is new picture documentation each year of your cute families.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! (All of you!!)

Klarissa said...

Very true - just a picture seems like such a small gift but entails so much! Glad you had photos taken - they are adorable!!!