Sunday, March 03, 2013

My Husband is Old

I never felt weird about the 5-year age difference between me and Jeff.
Until he turned 30.

When we got married, I was 20 and he was 25. That didn't seem so weird. But now he's gone and turned 30 on me and I feel like I've been cheated out of the second half of my twenties!

Maybe the rash decision to chop off all my hair came from me vicariously living out Jeff's midlife crisis. He's fine with his latest birthday, but I'm having a hard time coming to grips with the soon-to-be gray-haired man wandering around my house. :) 

I kid, I kid. Kind of.

Anyway, Jeff's birthday always falls right by President's Day weekend. So we've made it a tradition to meander down to Cedar City to celebrate the occasion in good company. 

These pictures are annoyingly in no particular order. Looks like we're starting with the last day of our trip when we went to the new Aquatic Center! It was sooooooooooo much fun. Are you ready for a shocker? This was Eli's first time in a swimming pool. Our poor children. 
I think all the noise and splashing water and children screaming had Carson a little skeptical of his surroundings. It didn't take him too long to start giddily crawling around with his face barely above the water though.
We started our trip off in St. George. We stayed down there (in the 60 degree perfect weather) for one night. It was lovely. David and Mary took us to Jeff's new traditional birthday lunch hot spot - Irmita's.
No lizard went untouched.
Not sure if we were supposed to be letting our kids climb all over the statues out front, but hey, nobody stopped us.
And then we found the sombreros.
The sombrero gave Austen magical dancing/ninja power. His moves were a-mazing.
I had this great vision of getting frozen yogurt and eating it on the temple grounds -- picnic style. Then I ate my ice-cream before we even got to the temple. Carson had a meltdown. It was way colder than it looked outside. Eli found a binky. I felt weird bringing food onto the temple grounds. And so we quickly made our way back to the car. Shucks.
On Sunday morning Mary, Eli, Carson and Barkley had some bonding time. Side note: Eli was terrified of Barkley, but had made big strides with him by Sunday.
Back to the temple. My favorite temple. It is so gorgeous. Plus there are palm trees growing around it, so that alone sends it to the top of the "most awesome temples" list.
The Cox family came by for Jeff's birthday party. I went downstairs to check on Eli one time and he had his head resting on Caleb's shoulder while he was watching Caleb play a game. Precious.
Jeff decided he wanted an Asian party. He didn't care too much about the theme other than he wanted Chinese food.

Kaelynn is the ultimate party planner. She's awesome at making signs and setting up the decorations.

The boys kept themselves busy during dinner by throwing food into Eli's cup of water, and then Eli would eat the food out of his cup. Apparently it was hilarious. Bonus - Eli actually ate dinner for the first time in his life.
Yum, yum, yum!
Of course we had fortune cookies to end the meal. This was Eli's fortune:
We're now wondering who is planning to adopt Eli.

Then Jeff opened this fortune:
Which was funny because we are currently planning a huge trip to Disneyland with my family.

After dinner and eerily specific fortunes, the angel food cake was candled and ready to be sung to.
Eli did several unrecognizable renditions of "Happy Birthday" before the rest of us joined in. Don't tell him I said this, but I'm pretty sure he's tone deaf. And color blind.
Back to the birthday boy --
We drove home on Jeff's real birthday. We rushed in the house, had him open up a quick gift (hair clippers), and then I kissed him goodbye and made him watch the kids all night long while I was at mutual. I'm a good wife.
Happy birthday my aging husband. May you forever be five years older than me.


Rebecca said...

I loved the fortunes and the pictures of the kids riding the statues outside the restaurant.

Kim said...

Love Eli's face on the water slide. Actually, I love Eli's facial expressions in every picture you've ever taken.

I also loved the fortunes knowing we have a big family trip coming up.

Loved your last line directed to your husband. Funny!

Eric and Justine said...

I love the pictures at the Mexican restaurant! Looks like he had a fun birthday! At least he still looks young.

LC said...

I distinctly remember having one (or two) conversations about how JeffExcell was "old". Now he really is.
I always tell Cade it's a good thing he'll always be older than me.
Happy Birthday Jeff Excell!!
I love this post!
In other news, tell me more about your stroller.
And your tone deaf child who makes the cutest facial expressions ever.
Okay. Text me. This is a ridiculous blog comment.

LC said...

ps welcome to the christensen family, eli.