Thursday, March 21, 2013

Eleven Months

Carson is eleven months old! I took a ton of pictures of him for his first birthday. We got a couple good ones.

This morning Carson finally took 3-4 steps all on his own! He's on his way to walking. Here's what else he's up to:

  • Started pointing at everything all the time this month.
  • Can stand on his own for up to a minute.
  • Said "Ba ba" in reference to his bottle for the first time.
  • Started breaking his molars on top. So he stopped sleeping through the night...
  • Finally learned how to go down the stairs (without falling). He still gets frustrated trying to figure out how to turn around to go backwards at the top of the stairs, but he's done it all on his own several times. 
  • Looooooves macaroni and cheese. Also discovered cottage cheese this month which is a new favorite. Pretty much anything cheese related he likes. He also weirdly likes broccoli. He has kind of become a picky eater over the last month.
  • He got sick again this month. We can't catch a break around here.
  • Takes two naps still. 10:00 and 2:00. 
  • We're working on getting a set bedtime around 7:30-8:00. Daylight savings is killing us.
  • Favorite activity is looking out the window.
  • He also completely loves being outside. And eating dirt.
  • Started trying to escape our pew every chance he gets when we're at church. Just as we were getting Eli to stay put, we got ourselves another runner.
  • I think his favorite time of day is the 30 minutes before his afternoon nap when Eli is down for his nap. Carson roams the house so thrilled to get to play with whatever he wants to without his older brother pushing him around.
  • He can only fall asleep in his crib or his carseat.
He was so happy when I was taking his monthly picture, I couldn't choose just one!

Standing on his own! Putting those chunky legs to work.
Wouldn't be a monthly Carson update without one of these pictures:
And another.
We love our little guy!


Rebecca said...

So cute. I'm seeing some Spencer resemblance in a couple of those shots.

Katie Perkes said...

That last picture is KILLER. So. Dang. Cute! I love reading his updates, makes me see what I have coming in the next few months. :)

Kim said...

You did get a lot of very cute pictures. So glad he was cooperative in his photo shoot.

Always love the updates on what he is up to at this stage of his life. It is amazing how much kids learn in their first year.

Had to laugh about having another runner. Good luck keeping this one from escaping each Sunday.