Saturday, March 30, 2013

Boys and Dirt

My house has been misted with dirt ever since spring hit. I have two little mud magnets who I believe are conspiring against me and my mop to ensure the house remains forever powdered with the remnants of their afternoon adventures.
Lucky for them, I'm so excited it's spring that I can't help but smile each time I step on a loose pebble that has found its way into my kitchen.
Carson's new favorite game is unrolling all the toilet paper in the house. One day while I was rerolling the toilet paper up for the hundredth time, I thought, "I wonder if I'll ever miss this one day."
Will I miss the dirt and the crumpled toilet paper vandalizing my home? Are my kids going to grow up as fast as everyone tells me they will? 

Yesterday Eli told me everything that was on his mind. All day long. I realized I would miss the mess of toddlerhood as he raced in and out of the house leaving his trail of dust with every step. Then I got thinking about that dirt. And how the boys have left layers of memories about our house just like the dirt that seems to be forever embedded into my carpet.

So I took a moment to appreciate Eli's cuteness of wanting his Maters to join him in his TV viewing before wiping away the mess.
And Carson's first steps have sprinkled memories all over our living room.
The memories of bee hunting that has overruled any other spring plans is nestled in with the dirt in our backyard.

So for now we're talking and laughing and giggling. And hoping the teenage years hold off a little bit.
And I'm appreciating the dirt, scattered toys and unrolled toilet paper because I know it won't be around forever.


Rebecca said...

Brooke and Caroline's response to the video: "Eli's wearing underwear!"

Cute video. Cute pictures. Cute boys.

Kim said...

Your little boys play so nicely together. I can't say I have missed the unrolling of the toilet paper since you kids grew up, but maybe you will miss it.

Anonymous said...

Baby giggles are my favorite!!

LC said...

you could say they sprinkle joy.

Klarissa said...

I LOVE every one of these pictures! Can't wait for our boys to play this weekend!!