Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Days

Welcome to another special edition of: A Series of Unrelated Pictures from My Phone! First up, Eli and Carson being crazy monkeys one Sunday morning:
We just discovered this awesome store right by our house that has super cute cars attached to the shopping cart and free Smarties at the end of every trip. My kids sob when it's time to leave.
Instagrepeat. As I said there, "I think I gave birth to a leprechaun."
A cute picture that fell between the cracks and didn't ever make it onto my 4th of July post.
Black Bean Soup. A family favorite. Doubles as finger paint when you're full.
Carson loves to sit in my closet and watch me get ready in the mornings.
 On a walk to feed the ducks! I love this place.

Carson naturally thought we were trying to feed him when we handed him pieces of bread. When he realized the bread was actually for the ducks, he pulled the bread out of his mouth to share with his new feathered friends.
Eli at the park. His new favorite thing is to make me sand pancakes/waffles/cookies. It's darling.

An arty afternoon.
One time they played nicely together with cars. Eli has a very hard time seeing Carson play with any of his cars, but this day he was alright with it. And they were precious together.
Eli loves pushing Carson around. In the umbrella stroller.
Beating the heat means lots of evenings of hosed down kids.

Carson has completely taken possession of Eli's PlasmaCar. He's getting pretty quick!
Eli prefers his trusty trike.
Baby blue eyes! Does anyone else think it looks like Carson is stuck in the cement? 
We're having a fun time in this warm weather. Summer, stay forever.


Kim said...

A few things in this post made me laugh. Like black bean soup doubles as finger paint when Carson is full. And Carson thought you were feeding him when you handed him bread for the ducks.

Eli's face is darling on the sand pancakes/waffles/cookies picture.

jlthomas said...

Black bean soup looks fun to clean up...

I feel like I should repeat my leprechaun comment here...but I guess I won't.