Saturday, January 04, 2014

Christmas Tea and Recital 2013

Christmas took us down to Cedar City to visit Jeff's family for a few days. Carson made this face the whole drive to let us know how excited he was to finally see Barkley again.
We made it!
Carson and Barkley have this super adorable special bond. They both love each other. Anytime we noticed we hadn't seen Carson in a while and we would go to find him, we'd always discover him with his best buddy, wrestling, licking faces, or chasing each other around the house.
I'm not even a dog person, but it melts my heart to see these two together.
On Monday, we had the Annual Christmas Tea and Recital. It's safe to say it was the best one yet! Everyone brought their "A" game this year!
We made a music video this year for our talent! It was a lot of fun to put together and the boys absolutely love to watch themselves in it.

Mary played the piano.
David recited poetry. He recited my most favorite poem of all time actually. "Snowball" by Shel Silverstein. That's one of the only poems I've ever memorized.
Bryan and Celeste did a hilarious song about what happens to kids when they are crabby on Christmas morning.
Ben recited a poem he wrote.
Axton sang a song.
Kaelynn played the piano.
 Tyler played the piano as well.
 Caleb and Coleman sang Once There Was A Snowman.
 Laura played the piano.
 Ben sang a song.
 Laura and Margene dueted on the piano.
 Dirk "read a book."
 Austen recited poems.
Grandpa Excell is second after Barkley on Carson's tier of love.
And just as we were finishing up Christmas Tea and Recital, who should show up but the big man himself. Santa Clause. In the flesh. 
Much to everyone's surprise, Eli saw Santa and ran up to greet him.
Then Eli plopped himself on Santa's lap. Santa was so cute to spend a special moment just with Eli before getting started.
After Eli got off Santa's lap, Eli disappeared for a few minutes. In all the hustle of Santa arriving, I hadn't really noticed he had completely disappeared until we realized he had been missing for a while. I walked to the front of the house and saw the front door open. Eli was standing outside looking around. I told Eli to come back in the house and asked him what the heck he was doing out in the freezing cold. "I was looking for Santa's sleigh." He replied. Then we had to spend the next 10 minutes discussing in great detail why Santa's sleigh didn't arrive with Santa until he was satisfied with our logic.
This is the face Santa will make if you tell him you want Russian Nesting Dolls for Christmas. Ha!
Santa gave all the boys "hunting tools" as Eli called it.

You know. Sometimes the screaming-your-face-off-on-Santa's-lap pictures are even better than the smiling pictures. May you forgive us one day for putting you through this, Carson.
And may I one day forgive myself for providing the internet with more blackmail against me.
At least Jeff looks handsome in his Santa picture. Not like a big goon who doesn't know what to do with his hands. Like other people in the family.
I love this picture.
Tip -- if you ever want 5+ little boys to all face the same way to somewhat pose for a picture, tell them there are bad guys trying to get in the front door. And the only way to keep the bad guys out is to put your back against the door. 
And then you have to hold up your weapons so the bad guys know you're armed.
And then you have to smile for the camera because you've just been punk'd. Gotcha.
More Christmas fun to come!


Kim said...

Your games were so great keeping in the Christmas theme. The Excell family sure knows how to have fun. Can't get enough of the video. So adorable and FUNNY. Such a great job on that. Cute post!! Fun stuff!

Eric and Justine said...

You are so talented at putting videos together! Do you use your Mac? Your boys are so adorable and funny!
Tayvia loves to run after and play with little dogs too. Must be a phase they go through at this age.

David and Mary said...

I did love our CT&R this year! It was our best one ever. It is great to see your posts and relive the fun Christmas we had. PS... I hate the picture of me at the piano. I need a makeover.