Monday, January 20, 2014

We Left Our Hearts In Nebraska

We just got back from a week of watching my brother's kids in Nebraska. That put us at a grand total of seven kids for the week. Which sounds terrifying. But it was actually so so so so much fun. The kids were all adorable and we really enjoyed our time there.

While we were there, the girls and I decided to throw together a little music video. It's what kept us busy every evening, and we were watching it on repeat by the end of the week. As soon as Jeff and I got home, we watched it again and realized we were already missing the craziness of having five extra kids around.

Here's a good preview to how our week went. Enjoy!


jlthomas said...

The kids miss you so much. You are much more fun than their parents. Thanks for coming!

Glen said...

Well that started my morning off with a ROAR!!! Nice job.

Kim said...

You know it's good if you get your dad to take time out of his day to leave a comment.

I LOVE this video. Probably more than the enjoyment of watching it was thinking of the enjoyment I know the experience of making it gave all those children. And you. You love making videos and you are great at it.

Super job!!! It makes me smile so much when I watch it. Again and again and again.