Thursday, January 09, 2014

Quiet Books

Since I had someone ask about the quiet books, I thought I'd show them off to you. I did this all really last-minute, and I was able to use mostly fabric scraps and things I already had lying around the house to make the books. I did have to buy the material for the straps on each book, a few knick knacks in Carson's book, and a few pieces of felt. But since I mostly used scrap fabric I already had, I only had to spend around $3-$5 per book.

I also didn't really follow patterns for any of the pages. I looked online at a lot of quiet books and got an idea of what my boys would probably like, and then I just went for it and came up with my own pages. It took about two days of every free minute I had to do each book. Which actually wasn't as long as I expected it to take. I'm really happy with the way they turned out, and I would love to make a couple more so we could rotate through them for church.
Here's Eli's book.
All those socks are stored inside the washing machine and you just match them up. You could potentially clip the socks on those tiny clothespins, but that's a bit beyond Eli's abilities right now.
The favorite page -- roads! There are little slots in that straight road that he can stick Matchbox cars in, and the "church" isn't sewn to the page on the bottom, so he can drive the cars up that straight road and into the building.
Folding his arms for the prayer.
Eli loves fishing! The water makes a pocket on the left-hand side for the fish to be stored in, and the boat isn't sewn at the top, so he can catch the fish and put them in the boat.
Letter writing station. He doesn't care about this page at all. But I have dreams of him one day loving to color and write and do other things of that nature. And when that day comes, this page will be waiting for him.
I was only going to make a book for Eli, but when I finished the first one so quickly, I whipped one up for Carson too.
This is the knick knack page.
This page is my crowning achievement. Hand crafted Lightning McQueen and Mater.
Here's the shape monster.
There are shapes under all those black flaps and you match the shapes up.

Ohhh. I love this one too.
This was the last page I made, and by this time you can see I became quite the quiet book expert. I added pictures of the family that we can swap out whenever we want! I think this page turned out so cute.
There you have it! The boys' quiet books, and four days of my blood, sweat and tears. You should make one if you've been wanting to! They're a lot of fun!!


Rebecca said...

Those are adorable. I hope they help you keep your sanity on your upcoming flight!

Kim said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah. Those books are amazingly cute and creative and fun for kids! You did a great job! Love the trains having your family pictures in them. Adorable!

Eric and Justine said...

Thanks for sharing! They are so cute and look fun!

jill said...

You are amazing!! These are beautiful and fun. Can I come to church with you please?