Sunday, June 04, 2017

Emoj-Eli the Jedi

The trouble with first grade is you start getting invited to birthday parties. Like everybody's birthday party who was ever born. And when you're in first grade, that starts giving you ideas. Ideas like, "Hey, why don't I have a birthday party?" And then the week before your birthday, you start voicing those ideas. And then your mom might realize that although she hates actual parties, she's a sucker for party planning and will agree to host an event in your honor, young Jedi. 
My mom encouraged me not to spend too much money or go all out because the kids wouldn't get it. I reminded my mom that it wasn't for the kids, it was for Instagram. Duh, mom. 
So when I asked Eli if he knew what a Padawan was (after googling it I learned it is a Jedi in training), or if he understood R2D2 H2O, or if he had heard the quote, "The force is strong with this one," the answer was repeatedly no. Sigh.
And then when he said, "Mom. Why does this say Yoda Soda?" I stared at him in exhausted disbelief, "You don't get Yoda Soda?!?" 
"What do you not get about it?!?" I practically shouted. Upon further questioning I realized the misunderstanding came from him not knowing what soda is. SODA! We need to get out more. 

As the young Jedis began to show up, one of them sat down and said, "Oh cute! This water looks like R2D2!" (I might have added the cute part in my head, but I've learned to translate boy talk into girl talk, so I'm sure that's at least what he meant to say.) That was all the validation I needed.
Well that and this cute little boy completely thrilled to be having his very own party whilst slurping down some soda.

The theme was Star Wars, the games were masked as Jedi Training. First up was Lightsaber Lessons...otherwise known as my sneaky way to get a group picture. Mom win!
Next up was what ended up being my favorite part of the party, Storm the Troopers.
We hung balloons from trees and the minute I said they were Storm Troopers, the young Padawans went full "force."
I only meant for them to hit the balloons (to give them a target other than each other), but shortly after their attack, one of the balloons popped. Everyone looked at me with a hint of horror and someone asked, "Are we supposed to pop the balloons?"

That seemed like a more fun version of the game, so I said go for it!
One by one the Storm Troopers were picked off.

Until there was just one left.
They never did pop that last balloon so I guess the dark side won?
Next up was Leapin' Lasers. 
This event was Eli's favorite.
I thought the boys would want to do this one over and over again, but they were totally content to only give it one try.
Next up was Trooper Trouble. 
Essentially bowling with a water gun.

Finally they had to destroy the Death Star. 

As I was preparing for this party, I kept thinking back to those high school essays they make you write senior year about what you're going to be doing in 5 years, 10 years, and so on. Well I'm about 10 years out of high school and I can confidently say planning a Star Wars party was not in my 10-year plan. But here we are. And I'm glad my boys have opened my eyes to new worlds I would have never discovered on my own.

Eli Lightsaber swooshed as he blew out his candles showing off all the things his training had taught him.
To answer your question, no. Eli did not get this pun. But you will?
And of course Eli's real birthday was on a Sunday, so if the Saturday party wasn't enough, he earned himself a 2 days of birthday celebrating. Sunday started with "Christmas breakfast."
And a picture taken only after I bribed him with presents.

Have I told you my family often says Eli's facial expressions look like emojis? Coincidentally, he loves emojis, wanted an emoji cake, and made a classic emoji face for his birthday.

Here's a baby.

Happy 7th Birthday Emoj-Eli! We sure love you!


Kim said...

Great blog title! Eli does look like a little emoji, so I love that you made an emoji cake for him.

The birthday party looked so fun! The little boys had to enjoy themselves so much. You should be a professional party planner. You said you got so many steps in that day. You could accomplish two things at once: get paid for being creative and get your daily step count in all at the same time.

LC said...

What a great party! I LOVE all your clever puns and games! So cute. I also LOVE Emoji Eli's cake! so good. He really has the perfect darling little emoji face. I love you! I can't believe our kiddos are getting this old.