Sunday, June 04, 2017

Warmer Weather

Hallelu-yeah that the weather is warm enough to have my kids play dough outside on the deck instead of inside on my freshly mopped floors. 
The one thing I don't mind littering my clean floors is library books. I never get sick of this (somewhat) weekly ritual.
During the last week of school, excitement for summer set in which caused me to gather everyone up to come up with a summer bucket list. 
I suggested we add "Go on a hike" to the list, to which Jeff quickly LOL-ed and said, "HIKE?!? With 4 kids? Okay. You do realize at least 3 of them will need to be carried, right?" I thought I still wrote it down, but upon further inspection I guess he talked me out of it...

Just to talk me right back into it again. THE NEXT DAY I get a text from Jeff, "Hey. Wanna go on a hike tonight?"
"Are you making fun of me?" I replied.
"No! I really want to go check out a hike right by our house." 
So a hiking we did go. And only 2 out of 4 kids needed to be carried so GO KIDS!
Carson preferred to take in the view through his "handmade" binoculars.
Here's another picture of Jonah smiling because until someone comments, "Hey, I'm offended by all the pictures of smiling babies you put up on your blog. I wake up every morning and say to myself, my life could use less smiling babies, and you're really ruining that for me." I'mma keep postin' 'em.
More smiling + babies. Because yes. Lincoln still loves babies (and I love that he does), and yes, he's added horror movie baby on the right to his nap time posse.
I love stumbling upon my kids' unprovoked art work. Eli created a music leader style interpretation of "I Am a Child of God" and it totally melted my heart because you could just tell he gets it. 

Here's to hoping our summer is filled with just as much play dough, books, hikes, spontaneous spiritual artwork, and of course, baby smiles.


Kim said...

So tender - Eli's pictures of the song - and your comment that you know he gets it. He is a spiritual giant inside that little body of his.

Just know you can NEVER post enough baby photos. Or any other photos.

LC said...

Oh my heck. Eli's pictures for I am a Child of God are SO sweet. That is just the best to see your kid have such a pure and sweet understanding of something so eternal and important. LOVE .