Sunday, June 04, 2017

One Month of Jonah!

Jonah is one whole month old! Here's what he's up to:
  • Nicknames: Joan Joan, Jones, Joney. (Not Poppy! The boys have abruptly abandoned their adorable nickname for baby brother.)
  • Never cries, though grunts practically constantly.
  • Gave me a 6-hour stretch of sleep one night! But typically goes 4 hours between night feedings.
  • Wakes up at 5:30 every morning. On the nose. Every morning. Five. Thirty. Back to sleep at 7:00...right when the older boys wake up. So yeah. My bedtime is currently 8:00. 
  • Started smiling!
  • Size 1 diapers (barely) and still fits in all his newborn clothes. 
  • Loves to be swaddled, loves his baths, and loves his brothers!
The company I transcribe for sent me a darling baby gift full of goodies including a onesie with their logo embroidered on it. If you live in the Salt Lake vicinity and can type fast and want an awesome, flexible side gig, I love Telenotes! Tell them I referred you!

Jonah and I went back to church a mere 2.5 weeks after he was born. Jeff was teaching a lesson I wanted to go to, so we jumped right back into the church scene. Do you blame us now that you see how cute he is in his Sunday best?!
Jonah's early mornings prompted me to start dabbling back into an exercise routine. We had a few weeks of 6:00 AM walks which was just what I needed to start feeling human again. Beanies and the baby carrier helped him stay warm on the crisp spring mornings. 
Lincoln is always eager to grab Jonah for a head 
Jonah remains happily oblivious to the imminent danger that is Lincoln. 
We're starting to catch lots of smiles from the little guy.

Happy One Month, Baby Boy!


Kim said...

Such a cute little teeny baby boy! The photo of Lincoln in the head lock is so cute of both the little boys. Looks like all is wonderful in the Excell household of all boys.

LC said...

He is SO cute!!!