Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rock The Vote

We need everyone to vote on the title of our blog. Yes Becky, I did feel the need to come up with a clever usage of Excell, and as was pointed out, some readers might not understand the significance of Lucky Number 8. So here is my post to encourage you to help determine the fate of our blog title and to inform you on the candidates.

Lucky Number 8
This is the McCain of the election. Lucky Number 8 has been around for a while, but there is more than meets the eye. 

When Jeff and I were first starting to like each other, we frequently met up in the library to..."study." One of my favorite nights there was when Jeff sheepishly whispered, "How many guys have you kissed?" My favorite because A) It's pretty safe to say a guy likes you if he's interested in the number of guys you have kissed and B) He thought I had kissed a lot more people than him so that was kind of flattering. 

Well, I don't know how we got this idea, but we decided to each get out a little sheet of paper and write down the number of people we had kissed and then slide our little pieces of paper over to each other so our numbers would be revealed at the same time. I wrote down my number, slid it over to Jeff, and snatched his number out of his hand. I slowly unfolded the paper to read the same number I had written down: 132. No, not really, but I had to make the real number look smaller. 7 for each of us. So when our first kiss finally came, that was number 8 for both of us.

Then, of course, we got married on August 8th, 2008 and we want 8 kids and 8 fish when we grow up, so...kind of significant.

Double Excell
The Obama: The young, "not as experienced" contender. I was listening to country music the other day and there was a song on by Keith Anderson called Double XL. Here is the chorus just to give you an idea:

Well Double XL, Double XL
Don't call me on the phone just ring my dinner bell!
Double XL Double XL
I'm a lean mean love machine that likes to be held,
Oh brrrr baby I'm a double XL!

I was listening and realized that could be the new name for our blog, and that's how I got this whole idea. And then when we start having little baby XLs, the blog title can easily adjust to XXXL or XXXXL. So yeah, it doesn't have much to back it up, so I need to see if the people want to vote for CHANGE.

How to Excell at Life
The Mitt Romney: Motivational, but might not make the cut. This one kind of speaks for itself, and is actually doing surprisingly well at the polls so far.

The Hilary Clinton: A joke, and was never really expected to be taken seriously.

The Write-In
Dad, here you go. Write-ins will be considered. Send them in via a comment on this post.

Now you are informed. And you need to vote! There are only a few days left.


Rebecca said...

I still love Lucky Number 8. I'm hoping McCain wins this time!

The Skinners said...

I think Lucky Number 8 is the winner for me - too cute. I love your blog and your sense of humor! Too bad we live so far away and can't get together with you and Jeff very often. Looks like you two are doing well!

Susan said...

I still vote for Double Excell. I love the song, I love that you are a double (couple) and I love your idea of adding XXX's.
Eight kids? Wow! Thats something else I didn't know about you. How cool.

Kim said...

If I hadn't already voted, your campaigning would make me want to vote! Too funny and clever!!

Tricia said...

SO FUNNY! Sarah, you crack me up! I love your brilliant ideas. Very tough choices I might add. I will do some more thinking and then place my vote.

oh yeah, 8 little excells?? Wow! Good Luck! haha

Cade & Leslie said...

Sarah last year before starting to REALLY date jeff:

"Hey guys I'm going to the library" --sarah, every single night for like 2 weeks

"When will you be back?" -- me and kenz

"Ohhh sometime soon."-- sarah

It's 6ish when she leaves...

6 hours later. Sarah returns (a good hour or two after the library has closed.)

"Oh well Jeff was there, and we just kind of ended up hanging out" --sarah, lieing.

Oh the beginning days of Jeffarah.

Love you Sar! I still like Lucky Number 8.

Cade & Leslie said...

ps 8 kids sar? That's pretty ambitious seeing as you've killed 2 fish in 7 months.

Cade & Leslie said...

a third comment. just all of these Jeff + Sarah memories are flooding my brain..

"Do you think Jeff likes me?" Sarah asks nonshallantly (sp?)
"Well, he probably has a crush on you, but it probably won't last." Me and Kenz say, without even thinking much of it.
"WHAT?! WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!?!?"" Sarah says, freaking out, sooo offended.

Haha, I hope you get a kick out of this sar, because I am laughing-out-loud remembering it.

Glen said...

Where is all the creativity in the naming suggestions. Come on, there has to be some other suggestions.

Excellent Exells
Excells in Action
The Making of Excellence
How Excell's are doing...
at Fish Extermination
in life

I voted already on the other poll but after hearing about all the significance of 8 that makes your old blog name as good.

8 kids??? Jeff better get a good job, get your education because you will surely need it.

David and Mary said...

Sarah, here's my write-in vote: Make it "ExJeSaCell" for a really weird blog title. David