Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring Semester Fever

It is hard enough to go to school when the weather starts warming up, and I believe professors enjoy feeding the fire to our lack of motivation. 

I am blogging at 8:30 on a Friday morning because I woke up this morning, despite the temptation to stay in bed, and weathered the brisk morning air to be a good student and attend class. Lo and behold: canceled. 

My economics class somehow manages to get less interesting every time I go. I have started tallying up the annoying things my professor does. Yesterday we were blessed with 9 bad jokes, 27 "What I really want you to know is..." and 3 plugs for the book he wrote.

Business Law has a slew of students with "what if" questions. The professor will give an example of something, and then, without fail, a hand will shoot up. "What if my mom's sister's uncle's wife bought this and then this happened and then this happened, would that be a lawsuit?" Blah. Let the man talk.

So mom and dad, I am going to class. Reluctantly. And counting down the days until spring break.

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Kim said...

Good for you for going to school and not getting spring fever too badly!! Any parent would be proud of their child for that!

I like your new photo on your blog. And what's up with just being able to vote for 4 different blog names rather than opening it up for any creative name someone might want to think up????