Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break

Spring break was last week! It was so refreshing to have some time off school. We still had to work, but in our free time we tried to celebrate spring break the best we could.

We busted out the blender for smoothies and the snow-cone machine just about every night. 
I regularly applied my Jergens tanning lotion so it at least looked like I went to Hawaii.

And even though we didn't go to Hawaii, a full cupboard can only mean one thing: we went up North to visit my family.

We went and saw the play "Phantom" at the Hale Center Theater with my mom, dad, grandma and grandpa.

And ever since we convinced my mom to start a blog, she's been a little camera happy. This one was her idea. 

We finally got to see my sister's baby bump.

And we watched Ben click the Submit button for his mission papers.

And what's spring break without a little Rook?
So we may have not made it to the beaches of California, or a nice cruise for the week, but it was just the perfect relaxing week I needed. 


Kim said...

We enjoyed your visit so much. Come up again, soon. I hope you and Jeff dodge the sick bullet!

Glen said...

And I will say we enjoyed it as well.

We do need to play the rubber match on rook too.

The Stevens Family said...

Smoothies and snow cones are so so good! I thought your sister was you and got all excited... then I read the text. hahaha! so congrats to you sister :)