Friday, January 28, 2011

23's Alright With Me

My birthday was last Tuesday, and oh what a birthday it was! I woke up to a baby who didn't want to sleep in, but he made up for it with darling, drowsy smiles.
 I ate a nutritious breakfast full of fruit and dairy.
 I couldn't have been happier to be living at my parents' house because the traditional birthday sign was hung in my honor.
 Not to mention I got to enjoy a day full of shopping with my mom.
 Then my sweetie came home from work early. I love salary jobs.
 Dinner at the Olive Garden? Yes please!

 And I finished the day off with more apple pie.
One of my favorite things that happened on my birthday is funny and will seem insignificant to most so allow me to give the background information to justify my excitement:

We have moved a lot in the last year. Each time we have moved, we have notified the post office of our new address. It seems like all the mail that has been forwarded from one address to another takes about an extra month or so to get to us.

I worry. Constantly. We are poor and were excited for our tax returns. Especially since we had a little bundle of joy that should provide us a hefty bonus this year. I have been so stressed the past month about my W2 because I didn't even know what address I had listed and I did not want to track that thing down.

I'm thrilled to say -- my W2 safely arrived to my parents' house on January 25th. I shrieked when I got it.  Thank you, Abbey Inn and the United States Post Office. You helped make all my birthday dreams come true.


Kim said...

What a cute birthday post. I'm so glad you were here for your birthday. Just wish Laurie and Jacob had been here to make that apple pie for you. If they had been here, Laurie could have figured out a cleverly-themed birthday party to throw for you. Instead, you just got the usual birthday banner. But remember, it was hung with LOVE!!

The Stevens Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 25th! That is so awesome you were able to have such a great birthday! and GO TAX RETURNS with children

Tricia said...

HAHA! Happy Birthday!! Yay for January babies and shopping with Moms... isn't it great?! You are too stinking cute. I'm glad you got your W2 too! haha