Thursday, March 24, 2011

When the Cat's Away

My mom has certain expectations of how people should park in her garage. She will let you know if you park too close to her. She will let you know its hard to carry the groceries in, or that she can hardly open her car door, or that you pulled too far up and haven't left enough room in front of the stairs. Parking in the garage is an art in the Thomas home.

After two months of my mother's subtle hints on how he can perfect his garage parking, Jeff decided to start pulling in as far away from my mom's car as possible...only to hear this comment, "Jeff, why do you park so far over? You're the first one gone in the morning and the last one to get home. We hardly even notice you're there."

Mother-in-laws. You just can't make them happy can you?

My parents decided to take a last-minute road trip and I had to laugh when I noticed Jeff taking full advantage of the empty garage:
I'm sure my mom will be parking the same way after we move out.

I've been taking advantage of the empty space as well. My parents' room has now become my workroom. I'm addicted to sewing these days! I made the quilt for Spencer and now I've been working on pillows for our new house. Yes. I don't want to jinx it, but we have a house in the works. It's adorable. I love it. It's perfect. I lay awake at night dreaming of decorations for it. 
This is a throw pillow I made (that still needs to be stuffed) for our room. Yellow, brown and white are the tentative colors.
After making Spencer's blanket I fell in love with the idea of a dinosaur themed room for Eli. We've been sleep training Eli and he needed something to soothe him at night when he wakes up so he can go back to sleep. I noticed he liked a fleece tie blanket my parents have so I decided to start the dinosaur theme off with a new comfort blanket for Eli.
Speaking of Eli -- his latest trick is to stare in awe. Over the last week we have noticed him look at things with his mouth open. It's so funny. I went on a walk with him yesterday and I am not exaggerating when I say he had his mouth open and was looking amazed by his surroundings every time I peeked at him. He's such a goofy little boy! Gotta love him.


David and Mary said...

I am so glad you are into sewing right now! I love your pillow. Eli is so funny...maybe he likes to think with his mouth open! It helps with the brain waves:)

Anonymous said...

I need to get going with some sewing!! I'm SO excited to see the future Excell house!

The Stevens Family said...

I love his parking job with the your parents gone! haha! I hope you guys get your house! We sure miss you!

C&L said...

love him. love the dinosaur theme.