Wednesday, March 21, 2012

36 Weeks and Feeling It

I now have 36 weeks of pregnancy under my belt. Quite literally. I'm feeling huge. Like all eyes on me at the grocery store huge. Like people jump out of my way when I'm headed towards a bathroom or a piece of food huge. Like starting to waddle huge.

I don't remember being horribly uncomfortable with Eli, but I think I just managed to forget the constant discomfort of month 9. If I walk more than 20 minutes I get a pinched nerve in my leg. I retain water in the evenings and find myself waking up in a pool of sweat every morning. The heartburn has become an all day thing. My belly button is unrecognizable. Braxton Hicks are in full swing. My bladder is doubling as a punching bag. I can't breathe. I can't bend over. And worst of all, Eli can barely fit on my lap for bedtime stories.

So you'd think I'd be excited when the doctor told me I was dilated to a two today. A two, folks. I cringed and said, "Oh no!! I can't have this baby early!" And then she smiled and said, "He's going to come when he's going to come."

No one has much faith I'll make it to the 17th. Hang in there, little guy. As uncomfortable as I am, I'll deal with the swollen feet if it means your father will be there for your birth.


MelissaJoy said...

there for the birth AND EVERY birthday after that. My dad was a CPA too so I know that being born the month before taxes day is a BAD idea. Cross those knees Sarah! You can do it. As much bed rest as possible. You can do it!

Kim said...

I'm laughing so much over this post. Especially since you were just here moaning over how big you feel and how you had a pinched nerve when walking on the treadmill and how your legs were all swollen after sitting for a while on the bar stool and how you were Braxton Hicksing while helping cook dinner. And it sounds like you should have had me tend Eli for you.

Klarissa, are you getting scared for what's to come after reading this?

David and Mary said...

Hang in the there Sarah! Get as much rest as you can in the next few weeks....that's all the advise I got!

Eric and Justine said...

Im feeling the same way. Please baby give me a couple more weeks to get ready!!

Rebecca said...

36 weeks under your belt...literally. Good one.

Melissa brings up a good point - I had never thought about Jeff not being able to really be around for birthdays either if Baby #2 is born early.