Monday, March 05, 2012

Big Tease

Every year March fools me when it gets warm enough for me to believe Spring might actually come. Today was one of those days. Eli and I fully enjoyed the three hours we spent outside in the almost Spring weather today.
Maybe Eli uses our garden as a sandbox when crops aren't in bloom. And maybe while he's there he finds crops that never fully bloomed.
And maybe Eli still always has tears coming out of his eyes even when he's not crying. Had my computer not been used as a urinal last week, I could have edited the tears out of this cute picture.
Throwing poor man's sand into the air and loving it:
Then I tried to take a picture of both of us. Eli didn't think that was such a great idea.
He got over it.

March, I wouldn't mind too much if you kept this up for a while.

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David and Mary said...

What a fun time with Eli playing outside! He looks so cute and grown up....he is starting to look like a big brother.