Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eli's New House

Do you know that Baby Number 2 (he-who-is-not-yet-named) is almost here? Reality of a soon to be newborn in our home once again struck when our double stroller arrived last week. It also struck tonight when I said, "Come to dinner, boys!" and I envisioned how many more times I'll get to say that in my life.

Here's a picture of me in all my pregnant glory. I won't even tell you how many outfits I tried on this morning before sighing and dubbing this my best option.
Jeff couldn't resist turning the huge box our new stroller came in into a little fort for Eli. I think I'm going to have an easy week this week if that box continues to keep Eli as happy as it did today.

Before long Eli's new house even had windows and a swinging door. He thought it was pretty awesome.
In an effort to cherish the last few weeks I have with just Eli, I wanted to get a video of him doing some of his latest tricks. I discovered this weekend that Eli knows all his body parts and animal sounds! So here he is showing off with crazy post-nap hair.


CandL said...

thank you for the new blog post.
i love elis new house. he looks so old sar. its crazy. hes so cute and happy. i hope the next couple of weeks are so happy for both of you.
you look good. those doughnuts aren't showing at all.

Kim said...

I'm so glad you have a double stroller so you can go on walks like you love to do.

And what a cute house that stroller box made for Eli. Let's hope it continues to entertain him so well when I'm out there watching him this week.

The videos are fun to watch. I think in the first one I enjoyed listening to you giggle just as much as I enjoyed watching Eli perform his tricks.

I loved his actions that went along with the animal sounds. Cute little boy. Aren't you glad you're having another little boy? You know it will be so adorable having two little Excell boys running around your house.

Rebecca said...

Spencer cracked up during the animal noises video.

Ben and Misty said...

So cute! When I had my second we had to get a new car seat and my son did the same thing with that box! I think we had it for at least a month, until he decided it was a slide and ended up destroying it :) By the way I don't think we have ever met, I clicked on your link on a friends blog thinking I knew you and started reading before the pictures had come up. I love your posts! You have a cute family! Congrats on #2!

Love is all you need said...

I feel like I just read my life! Minus the pregnancy.. we have a son named Eli too and a baby on the way through adoption! So exciting. Love the blog.

Kenzman said...

Sarah Eli's so smart. Start on the scientific names for body parts now and he'll thank you later when he's in medical school to become a doctor.