Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dinosaurs Can Be Scary

Eli has recently realized he's scared of some things. You can tell he's scared of something when he starts chanting, "No? No? No?" and slowly backing away from frightening object.
I got to hear a lot of Eli's unsure "No"s when we went to the Dinosaur Museum with Leslie and Izzy. Maybe oversized dinos and big teeth weren't quite age appropriate. But I'll tell you what, the frightening prehistoric time sure kept Eli wanting to stay right next to me or remain in the safe haven of his stroller.  I felt like I was on vacation with my scared-into-being-well-behaved toddler.

Well. He was mostly well-behaved. I was too busy taking pictures to read the sign Eli was climbing on after he warmed up to the dinosaurs.
Mostly Eli and Izzy loved the part where they could throw toy dinosaurs around in watery sand.
We loved watching the difference between boys and girls. Eli was trudging around like he owned the place, launching dinosaurs to see how big of a splash he could make and digging into the sand. Izzy didn't like getting dirty as much, she was more interested in the kids around her than the mess of the water and sand and she wiggled her little hips when she walked.

We managed to lure them away from the sand and told them to tickle this dinosaur for an adorable picture.
Then Eli noticed Leslie needed help pushing her stroller, so he jumped right in to lend a hand.

It was a successful outing and always good to see Leslie. Even if the first thing she said to me was, "Wow! You're big!" I forgive you, Leslie. At least you didn't call me an elephant this time around.
We got home to find Eli's new dinosaur pajamas had arrived in the mail! He was super excited to put them on. I was relieved to see our outing didn't give him a dinosaur complex.


CandL said...

Jeff said elephant...I simply said u were so big couldn't stop looking at it!! Haha. I was naive then...a few months later I was just as big. Haha.
Love u.
We had a great time. Izzys got the scrapes on her face to prove it haha

Laura and Ben said...

I love the dinosaur museum. We used to have a pass and used it all the time. Glad you had fun.

Kim said...

My favorite is the picture of Eli in his new dinosaur pajamas.

Second favorite is Eli helping to push Izzy's stroller.

jlthomas said...

cute stuff! I can't wait to see the little guy in June!