Saturday, March 03, 2012


Just so we're clear, we all know I hated Pinterest for the first several months after I heard about it, right? Then things changed when I started needing cute ideas for Eli's new room. And I quickly turned to Pinterest. 95% of Eli's room is pinterest inspired -- bean bag, clipboards, striped walls, raingutter bookshelves, diaper boxes for storage, Dr. Seuss quote idea.

So there. I just felt like I needed to give credit where credit was due and apologize to Pinterest for the three months I hated it.

That being said, we made good use of our Saturday today and finished Eli's new room. Completely finished it! And get this guys, I actually feel ready and anxious for the baby to come now that my to-do list is complete. Yay!
Jeff ordered a bunch of new tools which ended up being great for me because he was excited to try them all out while making the book display. I love my handy husband.
Imagine the picture of Eli on the right being a brother picture. I get giddy thinking about the cuteness of that.
Here's the rug that inspired and taunted me for the last three months.
 Eli loves Angry Birds. And Angry Birds perfectly matches his room. Win, win.

Hooray for a cute, finished room!


Rebecca said...

If I had a Pinterest account I would totally pin this room. Nice job! I love it!

IKEA said...

Wow, I'm really impressed with this room. This looks like it could be in one of our magazines. Let me talk to marketing a get back with you

jlthomas said...

I love it!!! I wish my room was that cute! I really want to make those bookshelves now! Great job Sarah!!!

CandL said...

Eli is a lucky kid. his room is awesome! you are so good sar! i love everything about it. the clipboards are so cute with his little art on them. so adorable. love it all.

Laura and Ben said...

Very cute. I love it.

David and Mary said...

The room turned out so cute... I like all the colors and how it came together. Good JOB!

Kim said...

The intent look on Eli's face in the first picture as he's watching Jeff is so funny.

The room turned out so cute. You are so clever. I love it when you get an idea and run with it. The finished product is always fun to see.

Way to go making such a fun room for Eli and his friend to play in--and hopefully for Eli to sleep in soon.