Friday, April 27, 2012

Carson's First Week

I feel the need to blog even though I should be sleeping. I'm sure I'll regret this decision in an hour when Carson starts crying right as I finally decide to lie down for the night. But I'll sacrifice my sleep and sanity for the sake of saving memories of my little night owl's first couple weeks of life.

Here's his first bath. I kind of don't believe sponge baths are effective so I kind of don't really bathe my children until their umbilical cord falls off. It's a good thing Carson's fell off last night because he's smelling a little too strongly in his neck creases of spoiled spit up.
We've been venturing out in our backyard every once in a while.
I attempted a photo-shoot with Carson only to discover I'm not the photographer I wish I was.
I have a whole new respect for people who can successfully pose a newborn.
And I haven't forgotten about my firstborn by the way. Jeff's just been his main caregiver since I can't pick him up -- which has actually been the hardest part about my child-birthing recovery. Eli has been Jeff's right-hand man for the past two weeks and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
And it looks like Eli's got a little right-hand (or left-hand?) man of his own.


Rebecca said...

Cute pictures of the boys together. I'm glad you are taking the time to blog postpartum. Maybe I should take up blogging again.

Kim said...

Sarah, you look so good! Cute pictures of Jeff and his little shadow. And the pictures of your two sons are adorable. Hey, Carson has more hair than Eli--who looks cute with a buzzed head. Jeff's hair has grown a lot since his summer buzz.

Kim said...

Or did Jeff buzz his head after these pictures were taken? I'm confused.

jlthomas said...

Cute pictures! I think Carson looks a little like Eli in that outdoor picture with him on your lap. And I love the yawning picture of Carson and the lawn mowing one of Eli. Cute stuff!

Laura said...

Looking good! Can't wait to meet that little man!