Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hospital Visitors

Jeff has been doing a great job around the house so I have time to rest and blog. In fact, he just exclaimed, "Oh! The laundry!! How do you do what you do?!?" It's nice to have him get a little taste of motherhood.

Anyway, here's a slew of pictures from the hospital. We debated having Eli come see Carson at the hospital, but I'm glad we did. I sure missed him while I was confined to my hospital bed. Here he is seeing Carson for the first time...or purposely diverting his eyes from the baby in denial? 
Once he acknowledged his new brother, he sprinted around the room, touching Carson with each lap.
My sister dropped by to keep us company one evening as we were dying of boredom.
My mom doesn't even look worn out from her day of babysitting my little hooligan.
Shortly after Eli came into the hospital room, we had him sit next to me as we said, "Eli, do you want to see baby brother?" Eli then said "No. No. No." the whole time he was there.
The proud new grandparents and noble babysitters.
Eli warming up to Carson.
It was freezing in our room but luckily the hospital gave us that adorable blanket to take home!
The hospital also provides a "romantic candlelight dinner" (minus the candles) for all the new parents. We chose to have our "dinner" at lunch time. Our hamburgers and french fries served over a tablecloth was quite a treat. Mostly we had fun making fun of the gross food and the interesting amenity.
Another interesting amenity that I really did love was the free haircut provided by a local hair school. I had gotten a very choppy mall haircut a few weeks ago so it was nice to have them even things out a bit for me. Plus it made me feel dolled up for my hot date.
Carson being adorable and newborny.
Jeff brought Eli in the next morning before dropping him off at my mom's house. He seemed more receptive to his new brother for that visit.
In the evening he was bouncing off the walls again.
Before long it was time for the going home outfit.
Happy to be home. And wishing I'd put on some mascara.
My mom finished her exhausting babysitting adventure by whipping us up some delicious homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner and then she was freed of her responsibilities.
And Eli's been surprisingly nice to his new brother.


Kim said...

Favorite line--Carson being adorable and newborny. Love the family photo--despite no mascara.

Rebecca said...

How funny that the hair school taps into hospital patients for haircuts. The more I think about this, the more brilliant this plan becomes. They can pair the really new stylists with the patients who are about to have brain surgery so if they totally mess up the haircut it doesn't matter! They're getting a shaved head anyway!

Your haircut looks cute. Carson looks cute in his going-home outfit. Eli (I just accidentally typed "Spencer") looks cute touching Carson.