Thursday, April 05, 2012

April Has Arrived

Do you know Eli looks really cute in shorts? Especially when he has his tiny little hands on his tiny little hips. See?
And then I look at this picture and realize those little hips and little hands aren't quite as little as they once were. When I got the bouncer out to wash, Eli proudly sat in it and announced it was his chair. I'm hoping if we keep it out for the next two weeks he'll get sick of it and not mind so much when reality hits that it's actually baby brother's chair.
Eli has grown up so much in just the last month. It's made me feel a little more secure in being a mother of two. He's so happy lately, he is good at playing on his own, he's starting to talk in short sentences, he happily goes to nursery and we even seem to have his hitting somewhat under control.

This picture cracks me up. I may have instilled in Eli my irrational fear of bugs. Any time he sees anything remotely resembling a bug he gets very concerned and makes me come save him. I think a "bug" is what was causing the face in this picture.
Here I am at 38 weeks wearing a shirt that fully enhances the "smuggling a basketball" look I've been sporting lately. I feel huge. Especially now that people feel the need to remind me just how big I am. I haven't progressed any in two weeks which is good but now I'm worried I'm going to go overdue with a ginormous baby.
I've had a lot of thoughts and feelings on the upcoming birth, so I thought I'd document a few of them:

Every night I get the house completely spotless because I'm so sure I'll go into labor that night. We've had a very clean house lately.
I'm really hoping my water breaks again like it did with Eli. I like the reassurance that the hospital won't send you home if your water's broken.

I'm still most scared of the IV and the epidural. Plus now I know they draw my blood after I have the baby and I've weirdly been stressing about that. Ha.

I'm worried the baby will have breathing problems like Eli did. I just want him to be healthy and to be able to hold him without wires and breathing monitors and IVs hooked up to him.

We thought we had a name for baby, but we don't again. 

I'm excited to see Eli's reaction to the new baby. And I'm hoping new baby is well received.

I'm not looking forward to being up in the night again. But I haven't been watching my TV shows lately in an effort to store them up to give me something to do when I'm drowsily feeding the baby.

I'm glad we're not moving this week like we were at this stage in my pregnancy with Eli. That was completely nuts.

I envision the new baby looking just like Eli looked when he was born so it will be weird to me if they look different.

I'm really hoping I'm not as paranoid this time around. Mostly I'm hoping I can manage to not lie awake the first night home with baby staring at him to make sure he's still breathing. And heaven help me if I do.

I have a weird fear that they are going to mix my baby up with another baby at the hospital despite all the labeling they do of the mother and baby. Again, irrational, but when I spend all day waiting around for labor to start, this is where my mind goes.

That's all I can think of for now. Mostly I'm just excited to meet our new little guy. My doctor keeps asking me if I want to be scheduled for an induction, but I kind of like the thrill of not knowing when he'll come. I can't believe it's already April and I can't believe a sweet little addition to our family will be in my arms soon.


Rebecca said...

I love the Eli pictures. I also love your thoughts about being a mother again.

Do they really draw your blood after birth?! If so, how have I given birth three times and not realized this?

Kim said...

Eli looks cute in his new summer wardrobe.

Oh, Sarah--you and your multitude of worries. I know we all have lots of worries, but you do so well at expressing every one of them.

No matter what this new baby looks like or what you call him, you're guaranteed to love him at first sight.

Good luck! And you go girl at keeping your house spotless every night before you go to bed so I'll not have to lift a finger with housework once that baby is born.

CandL said...

U look beautiful!! Can't wait for little no name...better bring a sharpie to the hospital to mark him so you don't have to worry about a switch.

Eric and Justine said...

Eli is such a cute little guy! It will be fun to see what the next one looks like!
Not going with Carson?