Saturday, May 05, 2012

Entertaining Eli

Eli put it nicely...required a lot of attention since our bundle of joy got home. Every day has become a test of our creativity as we've tried to come up with activities to keep Eli entertained and happy. Our first source of entertainment was buzzing his head. Remind me never to do this to him again.
Then when I saw bubbles for $1 at Wal-Mart, I knew that would easily be worth the money.
We've been bringing blankets out into our backyard frequently. For my entertainment I try to pose the boys together.
Is it just me or is everything more precious in black and white?

When we ran out of ideas, Grandma and Grandpa Excell came to visit.
Eli drove around in Grandpa's truck, went to the zoo, went down slides and had the time of his life. We rewarded David and Mary by letting them hold their newest grandson.
Best toy award goes to the road blanket Kaelynn gave Eli for Christmas. This thing has been his favorite toy all week. He plays with it for hours at a time.
And he even tells me and Jeff to go away if we try to play it with him.
Carson had his two week check-up this week. Eli and Jeff went to a park and to the library while I took Carson to the doctor. I ended up having to wait an hour and a half just to get in so I felt bad Jeff and Eli were stranded without a car the whole time. After all that waiting we found out Carson's gained 9 ounces and he shrunk an inch. Jeff blames Carson's initial cone head for the discrepancy.
Today we inherited my parents' old trampoline which I'm really hoping will keep Eli busy all summer.
When all else fails, Eli still can't resist a good book...even if he has to share Jeff's lap now.

I'll be able to do all this entertaining by myself when Jeff goes back to work, right?


Kim said...

I keep telling you that you have it pretty nice with Jeff home all these weeks.

You can always call your sister and have her bring her three kids over to entertain Eli.

Laura said...

Life looks fun. That was actually Jeff's car mat when he was a tyke. I'm glad Eli likes it. Cute pictures!!

Natalie&Brad said...

he wants attention but then tells you to go away when you try and play with his road blanket... silly little Eli :)