Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Payday

My dad believes in this thing called parenting paydays. It's the days when a parent's heart swells with pride in their child. The days that make the more difficult days worth it.

Today Eli gave me a payday as he eagerly followed me around the house mirroring my morning routine while narrating all the events, starting each sentence with, "Mama!..." It was like we were the best of buds which was a welcome feeling after he's been so attached to Jeff for the last few weeks.

I love being Eli's bud. He has taught me how to be a mom. He has taught me love, happiness, patience and selflessness like I've never known before him.
Carson gave me a payday by sleeping five hours in a row for the last three nights! Thanks for helping me get rid of the bags under my eyes just in time for Mother's Day pictures, Carson.

It's been special this Mother's Day to have such a new baby to reflect on. It amazes me as I stare at all the curves on his ears and all his perfectly formed fingers and toes to realize all of his little body parts managed to form just the way they should. Babies truly are miracles and our baby has been a great reminder of how special it is to be a mother.
Today as I ate the 500 calories worth of chocolate I was given at church, I couldn't help but be completely grateful to be the mother of my two sweet boys.


Eric and Justine said...

You are such a cute mom! What is your secret? 5 hours...that will be the day!

Kim said...

Sweet reflections on motherhood to one of the best mothers I know!

jlthomas said...

Such a sweet post! Love you Sarah, you're one of the best moms I know too!

CandL said...

pretty momma.