Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toddler Tornado

If I sprout grey hair tonight I know exactly who to blame it on.
This morning I thought it was cute when he threw every free standing object in Carson's room into his crib -- all in the five seconds it took me to switch out the laundry. If I only knew this morning that that super speed, high energy, mischievous attitude would continue full force throughout the rest of the day, this little number wouldn't have been so cute. But while I was still naive, I smiled and snapped a picture.
 Fear not. Carson was safe in my arms during the crib invasion.
There are few things I love more than having a baby sleep on my chest. As I was trying to capture a sweet moment, my little terror struck again.
Eli used to be sneaky in his binky thievery but now he shamelessly snatches binkies right out of Carson's mouth.
Carson's sweetness kept me sane in the morning.
Just make it to 12:30 I told myself. Nap time. I can handle anything until nap time.
"Nap time" is where our day turned from cute crazy to drive me crazy. A napless Eli is not a child you want to cross paths with. Especially when he is in the mood to test his limits already.

I fixed tomato soup for dinner. Eli gobbled it right up. He was still eating and jabbering while I cleaned up. It took me a few minutes to realize what he was saying was, "Hit the wall!" while he loaded his spoon full of tomato soup and flicked it at the wall with his teeth -- catapult style. How do boys instinctively know how to do these things?
The tomato soup fireworks show was followed by a bath. Eli was making huge splashes in the bath so I said, "Eli, do baby splashes like this." (Then I showed him how to do a little splash.)

Eli then did little splashes while saying, "Waaaa. Baby splash. Waaaa." Ha.

He has started this new thing where he climbs on everything. He will scoot a chair over to where he wants to be and the world is his jungle gym. After bath time, I was relieved to see Eli scooching a chair into the living room for a change because he's usually all over the kitchen and I was sick of yanking him off the counters. So I let him wrestle the chair over the carpet and around the living room.
After I did the dishes, I saw an empty chair and wondered why he was so interested in our shelf.
Then I realized Carson's binky was up on that shelf. The lengths that kid will go to for a binky.
Thank heavens for bedtime.


Rebecca said...

I love the "hit the wall" game. This makes me sorry I asked in my email to you how you were doing with the two little ones this past week. Let's hope today is a better day!

Kim said...

All the binky snatching is hilarious. I can't believe he still likes to suck on that thing when he hasn't had one in such a while.