Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Smell Trouble

"Kids just get into things." Jeff told me after I vented to him that Eli's new found strength has given him access to the inside of the fridge and the top shelves of the pantry. And let's just say it was a fluke that his fine motor skills enabled him to finally twist a doorknob open today. Twice.

Woe is me.

Yesterday I spent the day determined to help Eli satisfy his curiosity by giving him fun, mom approved things to get into. It started with homemade play dough.
I didn't have much hope that a ball of flour and water would be able to entertain my toddler, but the smile that dough ball brought my child made all the effort worth it.
Here he is saying, "Squishy."
It didn't take long for the dough to end up in his mouth. He must be a salt lover because he had several tastes of the dough before deciding it wasn't lunch.
When I threw a few toy cars (and chocolate chips) into the mix, he was a happy boy and was entertained for quite a while.
Carson didn't take much entertaining yesterday. Soon enough though.
I saw an idea on Pinterest to fill a bucket up with water, throw it on your deck with a few toys and let your toddler splash the evening away to free up some time to make dinner (with close supervision of course).
That sounded like a good enough idea. Then when Eli started using the smaller cups to fill up the big cup, I patted myself on the back for giving him a learning experience.
Yes. He learned that you can put small things into bigger things. He was sure to fully test his hypothesis.
For some reason I was completely surprised when I checked on Eli and found him lounging in the bucket. I don't know why I didn't see that coming...
Because like Jeff said, "Kids just get into things."


Kim said...

Love the picture of Eli sitting happily in his chair eating his loot and also of him lounging in the bucket. I wasn't happy when he learned to push the water lever on the refrigerator door spraying water all over himself and the floor--at both your house and our house.

David and Mary said...

I love this post! It made me laugh. Eli is such a cute little boy!

Natalie&Brad said...

oh my goodness. I'm not sure I'm ready for kids. Oh wait...

jlthomas said...

Oh Eli, he's such a character. Love him! Logan learned to open door knobs the same day he learned to climb out of his crib, trouble.