Monday, October 29, 2012

Peanuts and Crackerjacks

Are you ready for 15 pictures of our Halloween costumes this year? Yup. 15. I haven't stared at these long enough to decide which ones are my favorite so I'm just throwing them all out there.

I figured I'd accept that I live in a man house and obliged to a baseball theme. Eli was the star of the show. Costume was hand made might I add. Sheet scraps make surprisingly great baseball uniforms.

Jeff was the dashing ref.
I was a concession worker and Carson was a Dodger Dog. Couldn't you just eat him up?!?
Eli was very uncooperative for pictures.
Carson was alarmingly content to be trapped in his costume/sleeping bag while teetering on a piece of cardboard and mistaking a mustard bottle for his dinner.

Love that Eli and Jeff are striking the same pose.
Jeff is doing referee motions. Not beating our child.
Brushing the dirt off of Eli with a paintbrush -- Jeff's favorite part of his costume.

There you go. Costume picture overload. And it's not even Halloween yet. More to come on the Annual Excell Spooktacular!


Kenzman said...

I am in awe if you and your sewing skills! I also love how if taken out of context I can take these photos to the police and report you for child abuse. Just sayin! ;)

Klarissa said...

So creative - maybe we will steal the idea for the SF Giants next year! Love the pictures of Jeff as a ref in action.

Eric and Justine said...

Love the theme! You are one creative crafty girl!

Kim said...

What a cute little dodger player. Hard to believe it's made out of sheet scraps. Good job on that one! Love Jeff in action as a ref calling safe and then using his paint brush to clean off the dirt. Hilarious!

What a cute little hot dog. How clever you always are!! This one did not disappoint. Love a good family-themed Halloween costumes ensemble.

As for me, I could have looked at 15 more photos. There can never be too many pictures.

Leslie Christensen said...

Haha. Not beating, just reffing.
I love your costumes! I love Carson the hot dog the best. Eli is a darling baseball player. So cute! Thank u for satisfying my blogging needs!
So cute.

Anonymous said...

blah!! Stop with the cuteness.. I love the costume ideas! Man, Brad and I really need to get into this Halloween thing!!

jlthomas said...

Its an UMPIRE in baseball. And now I understand what you said above on losing the box for a baby carrier...BOOOOOO!!! The box was great.

Very creative, little sis.