Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bark Louder Than His Bite...

Eli and Carson have started this cute thing where they bite each other. On the forehead. On the finger. On the leg. Anywhere they can clamp, they go for it.

Eli got a puzzle out this morning. He wasn't too happy when Carson tried to play puzzles with him. So Eli did the most logical thing, and bit Carson's finger to express his frustration.

"ELI! You CANNOT bite your brother!" I screamed.
The biting continued.
"You're going to time out."

Eli then fought me all the way to time-out.

When I finally wrestled him into his room, he stood in the doorway staring at me as if I had betrayed him. Just as the door was closing to lock him in time-out, he shouted his last words, "MOM! That's not taking care of my BODY!"

I was putting lipstick on:
Eli: "What's THAT?!?"
Me: "Lipstick."
Eli: "What it do?"
Me: "It makes me beautiful."
Eli (singing): "Beautiful mooooommy to the rescue!"

While pulling weeds:
Eli: "You can't trust spiders. They'll bite you."


Eric and Justine said...

When Tayvia was a baby I would tell my brother and sister in law about how tired I was of being spit up on etc and they were like just wait until they can talk back to you.

Kim said...

"MOM! That's not taking care of my BODY!" spoken right after he bit his brother is so absolutely hilarious. I guess Eli's body is special but Carson's is not?!?!???

All his sayings are priceless. So glad you wrote them down. He will get a kick out of himself when he gets older and reads back on this.

LC said...

I HATE biting! Izzy recently discovered it, and now I live in fear.
She bit me on my shoulder at the airport, and broke skin and I have a huge bruise!
So bad.
Also, I like Eli's sensible approach to spiders.