Saturday, June 29, 2013

Everything Eli

Because of a certain busy body in our family, we like to hit the park up several times a week. We ventured over to a castle park near our house one day and had a lot of fun.
Here is said busy body ready for an action shot.
I can rarely get Eli to look at me when I take pictures of him. One evening Eli was going around and around the trampoline smiling at Jeff every time he passed him.
These are the faces he flashes at me.

Another person Eli is eager to pose for is my mom. We went to Target together a few weeks ago. Eli was begging my mom to take more and more pictures of him while he patiently held his pose.
Here's Eli showing us how Carson folds his arms for prayers.
Jeff and Eli love to Skype people. You've been warned.
On Father's Day we played a fun game where we threw the hula hoop and ran through it as it was rolling. Eli had a major advantage.
Here's Eli "giving himself a shot."
Didn't even cry.
I found this awesome park that has a bunch of grass around it and it's all fenced in. So I didn't even have to fret when Eli proclaimed, "I can run really fast," and was this far away from me before I even processed what he said. He'll probably be in the Olympics one day.
Lately he won't let me cook anything without his assistance. "I a good helper." He reminds me every time I start a recipe.

This is his favorite way to help. I love how this picture captures the speed at which his hands are flinging the flour off the counter.
In other news, this little boy is totally potty trained! Night time and all! Adios diapers.
Helllllllllooooooo big boy!

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Rebecca said...

I feel like I want to comment on every picture! I'll restrain myself by just saying that each picture made me smile. I especially loved the tramp pictures. His faces are hilarious! I also loved the hands-in-the-flour shot. Oh yeah, and jumping through the hula hoop. That was perfect timing getting that shot!