Friday, June 28, 2013

Catch-Up On Carson

I just uploaded 1,000 pictures onto my computer. Having a good camera on my phone has brought my picture taking to a whole new level. Here are some of my favorites of Carson!

We loved Carson's long hair. I think we maybe loved it so much because it would do this after a little bit of tumbling on the trampoline.
Carson has become a climber! He is on everything all the time. As you will see.
I love that he can climb onto the trampoline himself. And he loves when he can sneak up and have the trampoline all to himself.

This was a favorite morning activity for Carson until Eli learned how to open the window when I wasn't looking. No children were harmed.
He's our "ba ba" boy. Anytime he cries, he starts whining for his bottle.

He's mostly nervous about slides, but I got him to go down one a few times on his own the other day.
I have like, 200 pictures of Eli sleeping, and of Carson sleeping. Here you go, Carson.
We are loving picnics this year. And Carson loves to sit with one leg just so:
Here's our little climber again. Up on the kitchen table. Grrrrr.
He has also become a bug squisher...ahem...catcher lately.
On the table. Again. With my makeup. He's trouble.
And now onto the puzzles to spill them all over the floor.
And now how he eats his dinner. I should tell you. It's not like we are saying, "Oh. Carson. You are so cute when you climb onto the table. Here. Stick your foot in my food, why don't you?" No. All these pictures were taken after several attempts to remove him from the table and redirect him to something else. I once took him off the table and brought him outside to play with me and Eli, and then he immediately went back up to the sliding door and whined at it until I let him back in the house. Where he rushed straight in...and onto the table. It's his drug.
When he's not climbing tables, he's climbing all over strollers.
And when he's not climbing, he's rolling around in the dirt.
One evening Jeff was kicking a ball super high in the air. Carson was mesmerized.
Carson is our watermelon boy. He and I can down a whole watermelon in 24 hours.
And now that I just read through this whole post, I'm realizing just how many pictures there are of Carson without pants on. I guess I'll stand by my reputation of being the pantsless child raiser. Another reason I'm destined to have all boys.


Katie Perkes said...

Oh my heck, he is SO cute! Seriously. I think I've said this before but I love seeing updates on him, since we are a couple of months behind you! Bennett seems pretty similar too, so it's fun to see what's ahead of me. :)

Rebecca said...

Love! I love Carson's blue, blue eyes in the first picture. In the picture where he's looking out the window his profile reminds me so much of Eli...and in the picture where he's sitting up in the dirt he reminds me of Spence. Cute boy!

jlthomas said...

His hair on the tramp is CRAZY!

I was noticing that it was weird that it looked like he was wearing pants in a few of the pictures.

I think the funniest ones are him on the tramp--there's something about them that makes him look like a midget.