Saturday, June 01, 2013

One is Fun!

Is it bad to say I have a favorite age for my children to be? Granted, I have only seen up to three years' worth of ages, but so far my favorite age is 1. Innocent, fun, light-hearted, relatively obedient, still napping one-year olds. They're the reason people have babies.
Okay. Almost three-year olds are pretty great, too. But we'll get to that age in another post. This one's all about our little Carson boy.
I can't describe Carson without the word "goof" coming to my mind. He is just so funny and goofy. He is always cracking us up. He is out to have a good time wherever he goes.
This is the face he makes when he thinks something is really funny. It looks and sounds like a fake laugh, but this is his genuine ROTFL face.
His goofiness comes with a charming side as well. Look at those eyes!
He is in the stage where he is doing something new every day. He follows Eli around all day long copying his every move.
He has also started up another sleep strike. This kid has only slept all the way through the night maaaaaaaaaaybe 10 days total in his entire life. Here he is after refusing to go to bed one night at 10:00. Turns out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is what finally did the trick.
He has started talking a lot lately. Jabbers constantly, but he's starting to say recognizable (to me) things. My favorite thing he says right now happens every time he hears a loud car drive by. He immediately looks at me excited and says, "Whedada." (Where's da da?)
He also points at things all day long saying, "Whadat?" (what's that?)
He occasionally says mama. He also says baba, ball, dog and sometimes Eli. He also weirdly said temple the other day after he was looking at a picture of the St. George temple and kept asking me what it was.
He is trying to be a one-nap-a-day kinda boy lately. Makes for grumpy evenings and early bedtimes!

Jeff made a stool so that Eli can wash his hands more easily in the bathroom. Carson has taken a liking to it.
He's a fun little kitchen helper.
I love my little Carson man! He is so fun and he's growing up too fast!


Anonymous said...

Love his blonde hair :)

Kenzman said...

That was the cutest picture of eli and jeff sleeping oh my heck wow... should be on a postcard or something cool like that. I also love this picture of you with carson. You are so beautiful. And so are your kids cuz they are yours!!