Sunday, June 02, 2013

Kenzie and Cousins

Kenz is becoming quite the star player on our blog lately. As she should be. Because it was all thanks to her that Jeff and I were able to escape for our first babyless date in roughly a year! We were th-a-rilled.

We were going to try out a hibachi restaurant close by. We walked in, saw the place, and slowly backed away before anyone noticed we were there. We quickly rerouted to a restaurant that seemed less likely to give us food poisoning -- Texas Roadhouse.

We then wandered over to a frozen yogurt place and told each other childhood stories we've managed to make it through this long of life together without hearing from each other. It was fun and perfect and we're grateful Kenz entertained the boys so we could sneak away.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of helping Abe and Klarissa sneak away to Abe's friend's wedding. I got to watch Newland for an afternoon! Newland was very interested in watching Eli and Carson play with cars.
We had to seize the moment for a cousin photo shoot. Hello doll faces. Can boys be doll faces? I vote yes.
I love Newland's arms reaching for each of my boys here.
And even better -- the hug that Newland initiated with Carson.

Newland was such a good boy! He seemed happy to be right along with us doing whatever we were doing.
And he fell asleep on our way to drop him back off with Abe and Klarissa. We loved the worn out cousins crashed together in the back seat.
A couple days later I was watching the Golden Girls (and Boy). It was kind of a rainy and cold day, so I made them clean the house to keep them busy. It took them at least an hour to pick up all these blocks. Mostly because Eli kept dumping them back out. But hey, I watched with a smirk on my face as the cleaning/block basketball playing kept them busy for so long.
On Friday I returned Kenz's babsitting favor by modeling some vintage dresses she sells on Etsy. You should stop by her shop, Seagulls and Salt to see all the adorable things she has found. The dresses I modeled will be up soon so check back often!
Here is a sneak peek of what Kenz did to me. Pink lipstick. High knotted hair. Vintage Dress. I had so much fun! It took me back to our college days of doing photo shoots every other weekend. It's kind of our favorite past time.
You should also like Kenz's page on Facebook to keep up with her latest. She's awesome! I'll model in exchange for babysitting any day of the week!


Rebecca said...

I love that first picture of you on your date. You look so pretty! Is it just the glow that comes when you know you're kid-free for a couple of hours?

I also loved the pictures of your boys with Newland. Adorable.

Last, I can hardly even recognize you after the Kenzie makeover! Pink lipstick and a top knot? Not how I normally picture you! I can't wait to see the pictures from your modeling debut!

Kim said...

Love the kids, love the cousins, love Kenzie (and is it okay to love Jeff, too, even though his name doesn't fit into the "k" sounding sentence?).

It was a little disappointing that the first picture appeared in this post and not in its own Excelladaters post. That blog had better not have died because I love it so much!!

I can hardly wait to see you in all the Kenzie posed pictures. This one just makes me very anxious to see more.

Eric and Justine said...

You are gorgeous!

Kenzman said...

I just saw this! You are adorable!! And I love your doll face boys! They totally do have the cutest little baby faces. Also, I'm so flattered to be on your blog!! And I love that photo of us I'm going to steal it!!! Let me babysit again soon and this time actually be gone for more than an hour ;)