Friday, July 05, 2013

Double Trouble

I love nothing more than when Eli and Carson play happily and cutely together. Maybe I appreciate it so much because it is kind of a rarity, but nonetheless, I love it. One evening they played cars together for about an hour. Quietly. Peacefully. Happily. It was heavenly.
I hope so much that they will grow up being the best of friends. It was a little bit of a rocky start, but I think they're on their way.
"Jeff! There are no pictures of me and the boys." I said one night. "Get a cute picture of me and the boys." This is the best we got:
And as this picture was being taken, I imagined it being darling and happy and perfect. Then I saw what my hair was doing and laughed at all our failed attempts to capture the proof that I am the mother of Jeff's children.
We'll just let him be the object of our family photos from now on. He's a natural.
The boys LOVE our Yukon. Well. They love all cars, bikes, trucks, and motorized vehicles, but the Yukon is le creme of le crop. Or whatever that saying is.
Allow me to throw a million pictures at you of my boys in the exact same position making practically the exact same faces with minor differences. Like, for example, this one has to go on the blog because it so perfectly captures Carson's adoring love for his older brother.
Here we have the belly laughs.
The most natural looking one.
And Carson's fake laughing. See. You HAD to see all those.
Here's the boys watching a show with some pretzels.
I rarely cook dinner anymore. Because this happens:
I literally walked out of the room for one minute to stir some pasta and I came back to every single toy spewed about the floor. They did play happily among the clutter for quite a while though.

These boys keep me busy, but they are so much fun!


Kim said...

I see proof that you are the mother of Jeff's children--you all have the same wild hair.

Such a cute picture of Jeff with the boys and all of them eating licorice.

David and Mary said...

The boys looks so grown up since the last time we saw them!

LC said...

Ha ha, the toy mess: I always say, if it's entertaining- look the other way!
I love the brothers pictures. they are so cute together. I love that they look similar, but have their own thing going on.
Adorable boys, and mama! I love the static-hair picture on the tramp. It IS a happy picture, and good to have proof you're the mom of that cute bunch!