Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Nature Cure

Lately there’s a common theme,
Running through our house.
Make a little brother scream,
Giggle at the rouse.

Smack a brother in the head,
Bite each other's feet.
Fight each night to go to bed,
Run straight for the street.
Kicking walls and splatting food,
Two boys finding trouble.
Puts mom in a fiesty mood,
Making her blood bubble.

Approaching insanity,
Mom has had enough!
Gotta get out of this city,
Go explore the rough!
Cramped up in the house all day,
It’s starting to show.
Follow me kids, right this way.
On a hike we go!
We step in the wilderness,
Freedom fills our veins.
Shocked by their obedience,
Wandering terrain.
Single file line uphill,
Eli takes the lead.
Carson hikes with his strong will,
Happy to proceed.
With boys in their element,
I see this is good.
No more brotherly torment,
Just dirt, rocks and wood.
A smile crept onto my face.
Everyone was happy.
The boys willingly embraced --
Not to get too sappy.

If your kids are getting wild,
And if your kids are boys,
They might be a bit more mild,
If you remove the toys.
And wander in the forest,
Wherever it may be.
For a little family quest,
And some serenity.


Rebecca said...

The kids are happy running free,
And we get to read about it through poetry!

Ok, ok, I'll leave the rhymes to you. I'm glad the family outing was a success!

jlthomas said...

Chris would love this post.

LC said...

I loved this!!!

Kim said...

A new style of expressing yourself--through poetry. I love any and all ways you have of sharing your life with us.

I heard you verbalize your frustration of that day with the kids and how much fun it was to go hiking with them. Then it was double fun to hear about it through rhyme.

Clever girl, cute boys, great husband, beautiful world. How blessed you are to be a part of it all.

Anonymous said...

Way fun. Yourboys are so cute!.

I rode my grandpas horses up that trail all growing up :)